Vector 3S, Wahoo Kickr, and TrainerRoad

I am currently riding on the Wahoo Kickr 2017 with the Vector 3S as my power source.

My main question/concern is that workouts using just the kickr feel noticeable easier than using the Vector 3S as my power source. When using the Vector 3S it feels harder to keep my pedal turnover at my usual cadence. Could it be something with the way powermatch is using the Vector 3S data?

Is this something that any of you have noticed or am I just slowing going crazy?

I have the same feeling. I’m using Stages Right instead of your vectors.
I find very little difference in under/over workouts and when I try and increase cadence to 93-95 the resistance seems to get even harder instead of slightly easier.

Hi everyone in this thread. Have a look over in the “PowerMatch” thread to get everyone else’s experience. You’re not alone and that thread has much more info.

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Thanks for your reply! I’ll take a look at that thread.