Experiences with the new powermatch on your ramp test?

Wondering what y’all’s experience has been with the new powermatch and your ramp tests.

I have been using the regular ERG without powermatch with a 2018 kickr for most of my training and more recent ramp tests, but I switched to powermatch for my more recent rides and my latest ramp test. I have been training pretty consistently (and feeling good), and went from 312 (ERG) → 325 (ERG powermatch). Of course I’m second-guessing the result because I have read that wahoo kickrs can be off by 10 W. I calibrated my powermeter (new force quarq) and did a spin-down before the test.

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I feel like @Jonathan would be telling me to trust that I am getting stronger, and not assume the negative possibility… :wink:

Any comparison between two different power sources is going to be questionable.

Better to base your analysis on RPE for your past workouts and now continue to use powermatch going forward.

Note that if you’re using powermatch then you don’t need to do a spindown as well.

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