KICKR and Vector 3

Looking for a bit of help here.

I won’t go in to the issues I’m having with my KICKR power readings but they have led me to think about using my Vector 3s as the power source for TR workouts.


If I pair the pedals in the wahoo app will the readings from the pedals simply be used by TR for the workouts and I need to do nothing else? The workouts tracking in line with the power from the pedals?

Secondly - if that’s the case what does the Powermatch option offer? With my KICKR giving pretty funky power readings at the moment I’m reluctant to involve it in any part of the resistance setting process.

Any advice on setting up the KICKR with Vector, and TR and problems I might encounter gratefully received.

Cheers in advance.

I use P1 pedals with a kickr (2018) and I just paired them and in the wahoo phone app I put in the ant Id of the pedals.
WIth my Gen 1 kickr I used powermatch but I don’t seem to have to do that now.

FWIW I see about a 3% difference consistently between the kickr and the pedals. That was the same for both the Gen 1 and Gen 4. The kickr being the bigger number. TBH on a FTP of 250 currently it is only 7 watts at threshold so I don’t worry about it too much. Although when doing VO2 max sessions at 120% I do think the 3% could make a difference

In short, powermatch uses the power reading from the pedals, and then adjusts the resistance on the trainer so that it hits the prescribed power from the interval. Even if your trainer is giving wonky power readings it shouldn’t affect much. FWIW some people seem to have problems with power match and the resistance being over/under what it should be but it’s always worked pretty well since I started using it.

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If you are convinced your vector pedals are more accurate than the kickr then powermatch ensures that the kickr is ‘driven’ from the pedals. As I say I have not been able to set it up recently but I leave my P1 pedals on my outside bike now and just use the kickr power numbers which are consistent for me.

I use powermatch with my vector 3 pedals and a KICKR. I don’t have any issues with it. By using the power values from the pedals, your power indoors and outdoors with the pedals will have the same calibration.

Thanks for the quick replies.

By the sounds of it I want to go the Powermatch route and don’t have to worry about any quirky readings from the kickr throwing things off too much.

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