Power vs cadence plot


Have you considered adding a power versus cadence scatter plot to the analysis page of an exercise? As a MTB focused cyclist I would really appreciate the possibility to analyze how different cadencies are used to produce power in e g a race situation and to use this information to make my training more race specific.



This is a great idea! As we add more support for HR data in the future as well, more analytics support would be super useful. Thanks for suggesting, I’ll submit this to the team!

Intervals.icu and Golden Cheetah has the ability to plot things like this. WKO might also but I’ve never used it.

WKO, TrainingPeaks, Intervals, Golden Cheetah… basically every analytical engine out there does this.

Here’s the thing: a long time ago, Nate said TR was only interested in developing things that make you faster, and TR has long eschewed developing more analytics for the individual athlete to look at, so my guess is this isn’t going to see the light of day. Hell, I asked 4 years ago if we could get a true PMC (since they already use TSS and CTL) and was told they didn’t see any utility in it… just trust the plans, TSB/ATL is already baked into that. (I have an opinion on that one for another thread). That’s about as basic as analytics get.