Feature Request - bench-marking power graphs

Hi, apologies if this has been suggested before, but I would love to be able to benchmark my own power curve against the rest of the TR user population. eg against others my age group or race category, age or gender. Also how my curve compares to others with my FTP or W/kg.

After hearing the guys talk on the podcast about how they used actual data to tweak plans, they must have enough data to produce these kind of curves.

This is purely for self validation, there must be a category for each of us where we’re above average when the data is diced up correctly…

I added something like that to Intervals.icu. It doesn’t do age groups though as currently I don’t know how old people are. I am not quite as a bad at sprinting as this screen shot suggests :slight_smile:


@davidtinker Thanks for this tool, and your website. I’ve just started using it a couple weeks ago, there is so much to work with!

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Just logged and linked my strava. What a great resource, thanks for this

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I’ve just done the same ^

No idea what alot of it means but it estimates my ftp higher than I currently think it is,so it’s fine by me haha

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