Fluctuating power

My power in ERG mode fluctuates well below target power at regular intervals of 10 seconds, only reaching target power for a second then dropping down again. Using a wahoo kickr and it only happens when I use the iPhone app, not when using the app on a Mac. Any help appreciated!

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make sure TR is not running on the mac when you use the iPhone app, I have had similar issues when I left TR open on my laptop and started a workout on my phone (windows and android, but that doesn’t matter).

Both apps are then trying to send commands to the trainer, your phone for the workout and your laptop with some default power target (or something like that).

laptop was shutdown after 1 minute and then the power was smooth on target


I agree with @nvalphen !

Make sure that your trainer is not pairing to any other device or app. Bluetooth devices can only pair to one receiver at a time so if your trainer is also trying to pair to the TrainerRoad app on your Mac, it will cause connection issues.

It would be worth completely shutting down your Laptop while you are using the TrainerRoad app on your phone, if possible.

Some other steps that can help with poor connection issues:

  • Turn off battery saving settings: We can do this via the following:
  1. Open :gear: Settings
  2. Scroll down to Battery
  3. Make sure Low Power Mode is turned off.
    Let’s have you try resetting the trainer: We can do this by unplugging the trainer, and plugging it back in.
  • Closeout of all other apps/programs that may be running in the background - This will make sure there are no apps that could be interfering with TrainerRoad. Additionally, we’ll want to make sure our devices are completely unpaired from any other fitness app.

  • Turn off all other wireless devices in the room including speakers, headphones, keyboards, computer mice, etc.

And just to cover our bases, it would be worth:

  • Resetting the trainer- We can do this by unplugging the trainer, and plugging it back in.

  • Try fully restarting your phone - Let’s have you try fully shutting down and restarting the phone, just in case. This way, we’re making sure that no errors are happening due to the device being on for a long time.

Give those steps a shot and let us know how you get on!

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