Power twitchiness while in Resistance mode.... is that normal?

I just recently got a Cycleops Hammer H2 and am very new to training indoors (and training with power in general). It seems like the power fluctuates more than I would expect. Is this normal/typical? Here’s a graph from a recent workout done in Resistance mode:

A few months ago I started training in a cycling class that uses computrainers and the power graph from Perfpro is much smoother in general.

Is a direct drive trainer just more sensitive to changes in power (and potentially lack of pedaling smoothness)?

Looks normal.

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This is my latest one, 4iii and dumb trainer, seems normal to me. I reached out to the support once and they said this is normal. I believe you could use power-smoothing but that seems unnatural to me.

Power smoothing setting in TR only affects the numeric value displayed above the target power. It does not alter the actual power data and graph.

The graphs above are all accurate and realistic representations of our power output as humans. We are not smooth machines. Anything like that smooth and steady info described above is only possible with math and smoothing.


Yep, perfectly normal.

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Looks like what I would expect. Have you tried ERG mode? This will be a bit smoother.