Left side only Stages Power Meter R7000

Today was the first time using the stages power meter with Bald Knob. Is there a way to stop the power jumping all over the place.
I’ve set the power meter up as per the instructions.
Assistance appreciated.
Billy. https://www.trainerroad.com/career/billy/rides/60719630-bald-knob

Hey Billy.

Looks pretty normal to me. While I get my Flux to report to TrainerRoad, this is last night’s workout where I had the Stages send power to my Garmin at the same time via bluetooth:


@Billy have your previous training rides been on a trainer in ERG mode? Maybe you’re use to the smooth power from an ERG workout?
Shot in the dark here.

Yes, some level of power variation is to be expected. A couple of things to discuss that may help:

  1. Make sure to set the “Power Smoothing” in the “Settings” section to something around 5-10 seconds. This keeps the numeric digital power display more stable. It does NOT change the graphing.

    • The smoothing is intended to keep you from trying to increase or decrease your power to match the “Power Target” too much.
  2. Looking at your file, your cadence seems to be bouncing around quite a bit. This may be a result of you adjusting your cadence to meet the power target. If so, the smoothing above should help.

    • On top of that, I suggest that you look at power initially in an interval, to find the right gearing and cadence for the power target. After that, I find that focusing on your cadence is a better way to regulate power. Watching power leads to more up/down variation for many riders, and cadence seems to be “smoother” in a way.
  3. In your notes, you mention “virtual power”. Whenever you change power devices (from virtual power to real power, or from any power device to another) you should retest your FTP right away.

    • This is because nearly all power measuring devices have variations. This is especially true if you were using Virtual Power and move to any other power measuring device (meter or trainer).
    • I mention it since you thought you were working harder to hold the target. Assuming you are using the same trainer as before, the “effort” to hold your FTP will be the same.
    • This difference in effort strongly implies that there will be difference between your VP & RP.
    • What changed is your “tape measure” since you had VP before, and RP (real power) now. I can almost guarantee that you will get a different FTP with your new PM compared to the old VP number.
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My guess is “No” since his notes in the ride mention “virtual power”. If that is true, he is most likely using a dumb trainer that does not offer ERG mode.

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That’s what real power looks like. You’re probably use to seeing the artificially smoothed out trainer power data.

You’ll get better at holding to a steady power target and a little smoother after a while but you’ve generally got a swing of 10 watts which is not bad.


HI SamMose,

Been using a Dumb Trainer prior to PM, when I carried out the workout this evening I had to use the Power Smoothing 13 seconds to reduce the erratic spikes.



I’m on a dumb trainer with PM, and had to use power smoothing 13 seconds to reduce the erratic spiking I was getting.

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Thanks for the info its much appreciated.
I played about the the power smoothing and to get some sort of stabilising I had to set the power smoothing to 13 seconds prior to that I had the PM setup with my iMac Desktop and the spikes were ranging from 250+ down 60 so setup with my phone hoping that would solve the issue.

I will do another FTP tomorrow using the PM and hopefully that will sort itself out.
Thanks again. Kindest Regards.

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Thanks STP. Workout felt harder using PM, and having to adjust power smoothing 13 secs to reduce the spiking.

Changing the smoothing does not stop the spiking - it just smooths out the line on the graph and is a damper on the display. But it has no effect on actual power. Sweeps it under the rug so to speak.

Personally, while lots of people like heavy smoothing, I never go above 3 second smoothing because I like to see if I’m being excessively jumpy.

  • To reiterate, the smoothing does NOT affect the graph in any way.

This from Bryce is “official” TR info:


Without power smoothing this was happening: https://www.strava.com/activities/2618606513

Whit power smoothing 13 seconds:

Cheers STP,

New to PMs been with VP several years. Couldn’t grasp at the time why all the spikes, thought I was missing something in the settings.

Thanks for your input it makes sense.

Kindest Regards.

Billy Bradley
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