ERG mode fluctuations

Elite Direto user here. I feel that the power readings from my intervals fluctuate very much, check out the image below:

Is this similar to other users on here? I try to focus on keeping a steady cadence and always run the bike in the small chainring and middle of the cassette.

Feel free to post screenshots of your readings and also what smart trainer you are running :slight_smile:

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Looks normal. Reinstein, zoomed in, Kickr 2017.

The Kickr has an option to smooth data, but it’s artificial and not really what’s happening.

Yup, the smooth lines you see in other peoples profiles are only ‘visual’ power smoothing… their real power output probably looks a lot more like yours ^

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Looks perfectly normal to me.

Agree - looks good. It’s not as “pretty” as a smoothed out on, but it looks very similar to how mine look on a Tacx Neo.

Good to hear, thanks everyone for your replies!

For reference here is my output with a power meter on a dumb trainer - no ERG mode…

It looks like dumb trainers are more accurate
:sweat_smile: And I agree with that. I had one without erg mode and was easier to keep smooth diagram but finnaly I didn’t want to change my gears so bought Drivo II and graphs look even more chaotic​:blush:

Here’s my ride today with ERG mode and power match

I spend a decent amount of time working on smoothing my pedal stroke, so even though that graph is from my P1 power meter it seems fairly smooth. I’m unclear how much of it is hardware and how much is the rider - very hard to test without showing up and riding someone else’s setup

I guess the point I was trying to prove is that power output from YOU fluctuates, regardless of whether you’re in ERG or non-ERG mode. If the graph looks smooth then it probably isn’t really what’s going on… Therefore, the criticism thrown at ERG by some people - that it doesn’t simulate real life situations - is irrelevant.

The problem isn’t that I can’t reach the power goals on a dumb trainer, its that I have to very quickly figure out which gear and what cadence I need to get to to meet the power requirement. That’s where ERG is massively helpful! Once I’ve figured out my gearing and cadence though, there is no reason why my dumb trainer power graph should look any less smooth than an ERG graph.


I’ve recently purchased a TACX Flux smart trainer (after much deliberation) and whilst I find ERG mode ‘interesting’ and I’d like to think that my power numbers are more accurate, I actually miss having to think about gear selection.

In my experience, being in the right gear and KNOWING which is the right gear in real world situations such as a race for example, can be the difference between competing in the sprint or spinning like a windmill.

Long story short, I miss my gears.