Powersmoothing - big fluctuations

I currently ride on a CycleOps Fluid 2 trainer (dumb trainer) and have recently started having issues where my power is fluctuating around 20 watts, up and down, even though I believe I am smooth and consistent. Cadence is fine.

My power smoothing is set to 5 and I regularly do very short interval work. Is there another issue at play here? I haven’t knowingly changed any other settings recently.

Are you using a power meter?

If that red line is heart rate that’s more a sign of an issue IMO - maybe a bad connection somewhere?


Is this you?

We of the lower FTP set (we’re FTP buddies! :raised_hands:) will always have graph lines that look more exciting than somebody with an FTP of like 300, because the Y axis is less compressed for us. That said, your cadence graph also looks weird, with regular drops every seven seconds:

Does not look normal to me; possibly support@trainerroad.com can help?

Yes I use Garmin Vector 3

Yeah, the red line is my heart rate but then it’s never completely smooth but coming to think about it, it is more jagged than usual

Yup, that is me. Still plugging away trying to get my FTP up :slight_smile:. I’ve been this FTP since Xmas now and only the past couple rides I’ve noticed this big fluctuation. It’s hard to ignore and difficult to do short intervals. Coach got me doing 3 more turbos this week :grimacing: