Power/time graphs and how it relates to power zones (wahoo bolt)

I recently got a power meter so can make better use of my indoor efforts when outside instead of going by feel.

I want to set up the zones on my Wahoo Bolt for the LEDS along the top, the element app can do it automagically but I wanted to understand the numbers instead of just adding them in!

Could anyone explain it at a 5 year level the zones and how they relate to your 1 min, 5 min and so on power as shown in the graphs in my TrainerRoad career details.

The thing about your 1 and 5 minute powers, and a power/time graph, is that you’re talking about a one-off effort. For the lights on the top of your Bolt, you want to set training zones for repeatable efforts.

I think if you enter your FTP from Trainer Road into the Bolt app, it will calculate the 5 zones for you.

Then use a chart like this which helps you with the length of intervals or time you can cope with in each zone. This is just a crude guide, you can find much more detail if you search around.