How to locate my new power zone numbers

hi guys & gals,

quick question,

i just completed a ramp test and went from 300-326. I love these structured plans!!!

Im just wanting to know where i can find my new power zone numbers not just my FTP?
e.g. recovery, endurance, tempo and so on.
Just so i can input the new zones into my cycling computer.

thanks for your help in advance!

It’s not shown on TR AFAIK. I look at that info on, where you can see time in zone. Also shown in Strava I believe

Zones are shown at the bottom of the workout page (on PC at least)

It shows time in zone and the wattages for each zone. Note that I’m not sure this will work when analysing a ramp test.

What cycling computer do you have? I’m sure on my wahoo elemnt bolt I simply input my FTP and it calculates zones for me.

EDIT - I just looked and it seems to work accurately on the ramp test analysis as well. It appears to apply your new FTP retrospectively to that workout

thanks for your responses,

yes, i saw the time in zones under the workout.
i dont know why, but i thought that after the workout it would show new ranges for zones.

i have a HAMMERHEAD KAROO, it spits out your zones once you update your FTP also.
thanks for your help

It looks to me as if the zones in the analysis section of the ramp test are applied retrospectively with the knowledge of your new FTP.

If you look back to the workout you did before the ramp test (with your old FTP) you should notice that the numbers for each zone are slightly lower than those in the ramp test analysis

EDIT - although I guess it isn’t technically “retrospectively” since you would’ve gone in to the ramp test with your new FTP (or at least the ability to produce it). But you know what I mean! :grin:

Those zone values are all screwed up unless TR made up their own ranges. OG sweet spot is a mix of Tempo and Threshold but your picture shows them separate.

TR uses 88% to 94% of FTP as their SS Zone. To the best of my knowledge, the follow the Coggan values for all other zones.

Active Recovery

(55% - 75% FTP)

(76% - 87% FTP)

Sweet Spot
(88% - 94% FTP)

(95% - 105% FTP)

VO2 Max
(106% - 120% FTP)

Anaerobic Capacity
(>120% FTP)


well there’s the answer, TR made their own ranges up @mcneese.chad

It looks as though they’ve just made the zone either side of sweetspot smaller, so that sweetspot has it’s own unique range rather than overlapping with the others?

Would you expect that to cause issues?

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I don’t think it’d cause issues, it’s just not how it was defined by the originators so it caught me off-guard. Good to know that it’s just different if someone switches to and/or from TR.

Correct, TR wedged SS in between Tempo and Threshold (effectively shrinking each by a small amount).

All other levels follow Coggan’s values.