Wahoo Bolt Power Zones

I did some googling and couldn’t find anything. Does anyone know if you can rename Wahoos power zone names? I would like it to correlate with what we’re using for TR.


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You cannot relabel the Wahoo zone, but if you go with 5 zones, they are almost all the same as what TR uses:


Hey I also have a similar question.
I recently purchased a Wahoo Elmnt Roam and would like to match the Trainerroad Zones to the settings of my Wahoo.

Is there a simpler way to auto calculate the zones in the wahoo app? The 7 Zone settings of Wahoo doesn’t seem to correlate to the zones as by Dr. Andrew Coggan. I now manually entered the values for the 7 zones as I have them in TrainerRoad in the Wahoo Companion app, what is annoying is that the names/categories do not match at all. :smile: And it makes updating my FTP on the device quite complicated. Anyone got some tipps?

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Same question here, would this be the right setup on my wahoo app?

Those are CTS zones.

Does the Wahoo companion app allow you to manually set zones as % FTP?

You want something like this (Garmin app):

No, it does only allow to enter the values manually, which I calculated above based on the TR zones and their percentage or FTP.

The naming is just completely different and actually confusing

Some context on zone names, if you are interested:


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Thank you. So eventually TRs naming is different from the norm, right? So Sweet Spot at TR is nothing else than Steady State etc?

TrainerRoad uses Coggan classic level names for the zones. That is standard terminology.

I don’t know why Wahoo uses CTS terminology. Perhaps CTS vs Coggan is a setting? I bought a Wahoo years ago and returned it. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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That was was in the end my solution too. I sold my wahoo and decided to stick to my Garmin for a bit longer. I wanted to give Wahoo a chance since they have quite a few good features and my Garmin had made me angry a few times in the past but after all it made me realise, that my Garmin was not that bad after all. :slight_smile: The fact that I cannot manually adjust power zones, that I cannot create multiple bike profiles and the button stiffness were some basic requirements which were not really met by the device.