Power Spikes in Rides on TR [Feature Request]

Is there any easy way to remove power spikes from rides on TR. The spike (5850W) appears in the original Garmin File and in TR. Strava however appears to have removed it.

Email the support team - i had a 2800w spike on a strava ride which was messing up my TR personal records - TR were able to remove it

You can also exclude the ride from PR calculations in TR if you wanted to:

  1. Open the saved ride
  2. Click the three dots
  3. Edit Ride
  4. Unchech the Career Inclusion to the PRs

It may take a while for the chance t propagate to the PR graphs.

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You could export the file into Golden Cheetah (free software) remove the spikes and then import back into Garmin connect

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I’ll have a go with that, I tried with fitfiletools but TR didn’t seem to like the resultant file.

I had a faulty power meter last summer and almost all rides at that time have spikes in them. I’d prefer to remove spikes but couldn’t find a way inside the edit ride functionality. Emailing each file to Support seems to much work for them. And the way to and back from Golden Cheetah, might work, but lots and lots of work. Feature request: cut into time line and replace faulty power with 0 or ride average? So that ride overall is preserved for TSS and records, but obvious spikes can be removed from file, for season comparison and more reasons. I’d love that!


Any news on how to remove power spikes, within TR?

If not, consider this feature request backed from me also

I went ahead and added the name and tag for Feature Request.