Power file data

is there any way inside TR to remove peaks from bad power data, as much as i would have loved it, i did not spin at 213 rpm nor pump out 1400 watts :flushed:

No, you have to use external apps to do that type of edit.

The one option you have is to choose to exclude the entire ride from your personal records.

This shows the process, just choose the “Personal Records” instead of TSS.

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Don’t think this can be done in TR. However, this can be done with Garmin connect. And perhaps thereafter manually to TR.

Download the file in .tcx format, then open in notepad (right click→open with…). Search (control F) for “watts>1400” (or other wattage error), and then correct the 1400 to where it was supposed to be. Same thing for cadence doing “cadence>213” and correcting the 213. Normally there are two fields you’re supposed to change. Save the notepad as .tcx and reupload.

(note I haven’t uploaded a tcx to TR before, I just know it can be done for outdoor rides. Kinda assuming the other workout data would be the same)

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Some warnings:
1 Make sure that you save the original data somewhere outside TR.
2 You will have to delete the TR ride from TR before you can re-upload the modified data. [TR does not permit multiple rides that are at the same time.]
And a suggestion:
1 Look at intervals.icu, which will also do some editing of spikes.

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I use FIT file tools to remove erroneous data. Usually I grab the ride from Garmin connect in FIT file format before pushing it to TR.

Not sure about other way, does TR ride data upload to Garmin connect as a fit file? I’ve only adjusted Garmin head unit erroneous data this way but this maybe a way froward.

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