Power peak that is not real


I have a problem, One day when I went out for a training my powertap pedals register 1555 watts in 1 sec, but this record is not correct, and i would like to deleted the peak from TR in order to my personal records show the right information.

Anyone has an idea what can I do? I wouldn´t like to delete the complete ride, only to correct that part of my ride.

Best regards!!!

You can take the .fit file (either for your head unit or downloaded from TR). Then go to a website like https://www.fitfiletools.com/#/top and choose the ‘Peak Remover’. You can then choose a threshold, over which all data will be removed. Then export the new file, delete the TR ride, and manually upload the new file.

Golden Cheetah will allow you to edit the file as well, allowing you to remove the spiked data point.

Thanks @mwglow15, this is definitely the best option for fully correcting the power file.

But if you just want to keep the power spike from impacting your personal records, you can exclude the ride from Personal Records without leaving the TrainerRoad ecosystem. To do so:

  1. Click the workout, and press the Edit icon:

  2. Then, uncheck the personal records checkbox:

  3. If the spike was so severe that it threw off your TSS as well, you can also exclude it from the TSS calculations by unchecking that box