How to scrub bad power readings from an activity?

I did a couple of rides last week with a dying battery in my 4iii Left side Ultegra PM. This caused a lot of faulty numbers, mostly low readings, but some waaayy too high readings also. Now my TSS is off, and my sprint numbers in Personal Records is off.

How do I scrub the power from these activities? I am less concerned with the TSS, more concerned with the Sprint PRs.

The power was recorded with a lezyne head unit, uploaded to Lezyne’s tracking software, then shared with Strava, then Strava synced it to TR.

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If you open a ride then click on the 3 dots … you can select edit and then uncheck include in TSS and Personal Records. Either that you can take it into a gps editor like www.fitfilestool , strip the field and re up load the ride.


Awesome, thank you!

The edit in TR does enough to satisfy me


It’s definitely better imo to uncheck them from our TSS and records as you did than dive into the deep dark depths of editing power files. Those files are really bulky and if you are looking to just remove a few recordings you can end up in a rabbit hole that you don’t want to be in. One other option if you only have 1 or a couple erroneous readings is to split the ride into multiple rides in Strava just before or after the readings and then use the crop feature to crop out the reading. Probably not worth it if you have more than 2 blips.

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In TrainingPeaks and WKO it is trivial to fix a brief power dropout or spike. But it won’t let you output the fixed file.

Best tool I know if you want to remove peak but don’t want to lose the good daya :grinning:

Their file combiner is pretty neat too!

FitFileTools section remover… this is how easy it was to remove 4.5 minutes of all data from a file where the left side battery was dying and generated HUGE WATTS lol:

or keep it and brag about holding 1000+ watts for 3+minutes :rofl:

That’s right, just drag over the section you want to remove and it deletes all power/HR/speed/cadence data:

Or if you want to keep the other data, then GoldenCheetah will allow you to only edit the power data, and save the file.

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