Power readings Favero Uno

Hi TR community-

This week I got myself the Assioma Favero Uno, to be able to perform structured TR trainings outside. I tried today with Cumberland.

What I noticed was a very big fluctuation in power, which confused me and made it somehow hard for me to perform the workout confidently. I read online that the fluctuation might be because my Garmin Forerunner 945 displays my 1 second power and, of course, this variable fluctuates constantly. (Interestingly, afterwards, my TSS and IF were exactly on par with the Cumberland workout. And yes, I know it has to do also with how smooth/stable my peddling is.)

Does anyone know how to change the power interval display to like a 15 or even 20, 30 second? That way I hope I can train more confidently outside.

Thanks in advance!

Usually you choose in the bike computer. Typically 3s, 5s etc. are separate data fields. For training 5s should be ok - more reacts a little too slow.

I tried more smoothing and it made it fluctuate even more as it takes a bit of time before your adjustments show.
I run 3s smoothing and with not too much practice, the big fluctuations are gone.

In the bike activity on your Forerunner, you should be able to select datafields.

Under the Power category, there is Power (instantaneous), 3s Power, 10s Power and 30s Power. And also Lap Power and Average Power.

3s Power is a good compromise between responding to quickly to changes in effort, while avoiding the “noisiness” from where in your pedal stroke you are of Power. (NB. A single sided PM like the Uno will be more sensitive to where you are in the pedal stroke than a dual-sided PM, but will average out over a longer timeframe).

Even 3s power can be pretty variable - some prefer 10s or 30s as being much smoother. Personally I use 3s power, and just try to keep it in +/- 10W range of where I want to be in terms of a power target.

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Thanks all! I found the setting in the device for 10 second power.

The ‘‘problem’’, it turned out, was that I created a workout consisting of certain power ranges (let’s say 240 - 250W for 5 minutes) and that the field on my Garmin monitoring the workout, shows 1 second power. Constantly somewhat over or under the range made the device beep like crazy, that sound being the warning for not performing the workout correctly. Super annoying.

Solution: I added the 10 second field and found the 3 second field. Went for a recovery ride yesterday and was much smoother in display already. Will figure out how to work with it even better! :slight_smile: