What's more likely to fluctuate in readings - assioma uno or gen1 Hammer?

Just a general curiosity, I recently got assioma uno pedals and have been running them into zwift while I let TR read the hammer (I haven’t gotten the firmware updated to use with TR). I’ve been meaning to sign up for the DCR analyzer, but just from some basic observation sometimes the power between the two aligns super closely on some days and some days the Assioma Uno reads a little higher (up to 10w, like yesterday’s Andrews session, Hammer was 232w and Uno was 241w). Anyhow I was curious which is more likely to vary on a day to day basis, the trainer or the pedals? If it’s the trainer, I can blame that for actually being 10w harder when I’m doing the really hard intervals lol

Oh, and to get ahead of the question, no I don’t calibrate all the time, in fact I rarely calibrate either unit!

Uncalibrated data, and that that from old firmware, is unreliable data.

  1. Update to the latest firmware on any and all devices.
  2. Calibrate the trainer at least once every two weeks (per Saris recommendation).
  3. Zero Offset the pedals every ride (per typical power meter recommendations).

Lacking this, you really can’t trust anything you are seeing right now and using the DCR analyzer is not worth your time until you apply the steps above.

Thanks for trying out the Analyzer!

In general, the challenges with a single sided unit means more variability - and that’s especially notable in fatigue states for some people (including myself), or at certain specific power ranges. For example if my workout includes lots of well above FTP sprints, I’m going to be far more imbalanced than below FTP where it’s a bit more even (and thus you won’t see swings).

I suspect you’ve seen this, but just in case - here’s a huge piece I wrote up on testing and such: How to: Troubleshooting Power Meter and Trainer Accuracy Issues | DC Rainmaker