Garmin 510 & Outdoor workouts - Target power?

Hey all,

I recently got some Favero Assioma Uno pedal(s) and want to start taking some of my TR workouts outside.
Thing is, I have a Garmin 510 and dont know what to do about target power.

As far as I can tell, there is no target power for the interval / lap on the 510 (feel free to correct me if there is).
I know the description of the interval advises of the power target, however the screen is small, and for more demanding intervals, am I not likely to miss the intended power instruction?

Are there any 510 users out there that can advise what they have done, or any help in general?

Thanks in advance.

The 510 may be different but on my 1030, there is a field for target power under the workout field section, it does have to be a full width field to see interval target power due to how much text is in the field. This is what it should look like.

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Hey Bhofstra,
Thanks for this, but unfortunately the 510 doesnt have such an option.
Guess its a good excuse for an early Birthday present :smiley: