Power reading from the turbo or from power meter?!

So something odd Ive discovered lately…

Normally I use power reading supplied bythe turbo (Tacx Genius - Huge flywheel!!) and always find the workouts hard but in the right ballpark… The last few rides Ive been using the power reading from the bike (Stages) and first thing I noticed was the stages read on average 10 w higher than the tacx, not a problem, but even after adjusting ftp to take this into account I find the ERG workouts easier using the stages than the Tacx!!!

Im guessing this has to do with the tacx constantly playing catchup trying to constantly adjust to the fluctuation that is experienced with the stages, but is the workout diminished because Im having an ‘easier’ ride?!?!

When you change power measuring devices, you really should retest.

When you add a power meter into the mix, you employ PowerMatch. It can introduce more variation as the math tries to hold the power based in the power meter to adjust the trainer. They recently improved PowerMatch and most fund it to work better.

In any case, you must try to hold your cadence very steady. Ignore watching power, as people tend to try and fix the power with cadence changes. Skip that, stay steady and let the system do the work


thank you Chad thats very helpful, looks like I need to fit a ramp test into the schedule!


New ramp test done - figures as expected, but for shorter intervals (ie 15seconds on 15 seconds off) I use non ERG mode, and ERG for longer intervals, should I then do a separate ramp test for non ERG mode too, reason im asking I finnd the shorter burst intervals quite easy…?!

No, you don’t need a different test for ERG vs Resistance.

Your ability on the short bursts is more about your physiology and training history.