Newbie - setup help

Hi, I’m a first timer on Trainer Road and to structured training!
I have a Flux S and a Stages power meter. and will be connecting via laptop and ANT+ dongle.

What is the best set up I need to be working to please?

I’ve heard talk of ERG mode, does this need to be on?
Do I use the Tacx for power measurement or connect the Stages?

Any helpful advice appreciated.

Thanks in advance

ERG mode is a personal preference, I use it exclusively. I find it much easier to concentrate on cadence and the pain than the power output. Some folks switch it on and off depending the workout they are doing.

Power match is the best way to match outside use with inside use. If you use the trainer power it wont be the same as outside.

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ok, thanks, I think to start with I’ll use the trainer and look to the PM as I develop.

The Power Match @Critwannabe refers to is different than Erg mode. It’s a TrainerRoad feature that will use both your power meter and smart trainer together, so that your bike power meter is the primary measuring device. One of many benefits - then you’re using the same power meter outside.

Here’s more on Power Match from TrainerRoad support.

As stated ERG mode is a personal preference but I think it can hamper you a bit since it’s not really like racing out on the road. You’re rarely going to be able to ride the exact cadence you’d prefer at the power you choose so I feel you should get used to changing gears and cadence to hit different power levels. I do think it makes sense for endurance rides where you want to watch TV, read or just zone out and you just want to get the time in.

That being said it’s probably not a huge difference but try both modes and see if you have a preference or use case.