Editing Power Data from a Ride

Hi everyone. This morning I went on a ride and my power meter read 0 for the entire ride. I wanted to use this ride as an outdoor training ride. Is there any way I can edit this data? Maybe get TR to estimate power based on heart rate data?

Might be good to start with an email to support@trainerroad.com

you can use a fit file editor like this one


Thanks. As it happens, I managed to use that very app. I deleted the problematic ride and imported the new one without any power data which prompted the app to estimate Tss from heart rate data. Win!

Can you add estimated power with fitfiles ? I just thought you could only strip or cap power in it.

I had a faulty power meter reading. By stripping the power meter data, TR gave me the option to estimate TSS via heart rate data.

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Its not estimated power but Iā€™m glad you got something reasonable out of the ride (TSS) for your records :+1: