Power Meter Pedals, Bluetooth & ANT+


Me: Triathlete, pathetic amateur, stats geek, nerd.
Bike: 2 trainer bikes, and soon to have a TT Bike
Setup: IPad Pro for Zwift over Bluetooth, TrainerRoad on Samsung Phone over ant+ both devices collect data but the Zwift is normally discarded from Strava & Garmin Connect after the workout and I keep the trainer road stuff.

Question: Are there any particular pedals that support Bluetooth and ANT+ simultaneously like the Wahoo sensors? The reason I have/want this setup is that I used a Fenix 5X for the triathlon itself but I use the head unit on the bike to keep an eye on the progress. I can’t see the Fenix and I also want to keep the faffing around with it to a minimum whilst on the bike.

Ideally I want to record all the data from the bike (cadence, heart rate, power, speed) on the Garmin over ANT+ and then collect the similar data via Bluetooth via the Wahoo Element over Bluetooth.

Are there any pedals that support this?

thank you in advance


Hi Stuart!

The Powertap P1 pedals are dual band (ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart) and have dual-sided measurement: https://www.powertap.com/product/powertap-p1-pedals

Additionally, the Favero Assioma is another dual-band option that can do what you’re looking for. Cheers!

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Awesome, Assiomas were on my list anyway but I quite like the visuals of the garmin v3’s

I’m pretty sure that you can pair both your Elemnt and Garmin to the same power meter at the same time with ANT+; you don’t need to pair the Elemnt via Bluetooth specifically (though there’s nothing wrong with that and having BT is good for phones, tablets etc and sometimes for avoiding radio interference). I intend to use a similar arrangement to you in my races - leave my watch recording on my wrist for the bike leg and use my Elemnt.

i have had some issues in the past with having a couple of devices recording the same ant+ signal specifically the hrm.

as I said I like the look of the garmins but some dealer feedback suggests smart money goes on the assiomas

Beware with the Powertap P1 that over bluetooth you only get single sided measurement even if ANT+ is dual sided. I believe the P2 are likely to be the same too but I’ve not seen confirmation of that.

This is not the case with the Assiomas with the latest firmware which give dual sided measurements over both bluetooth and ANT+

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Confirmed. Same as P1.


I just bought the Favero Assioma Duo, but somehow I cannot get it connected with my Garmin Forerunner 935 via ANT+. Bluetooth is not a problem, but it doesn’t show all the available data. Please advise me.

I believe that if you are using ANT+ that multiple devices can read it at the same time where BT once paired can only be seen by one device. @GPLama made a video describing this https://youtu.be/gQlaB9k82OA
I hope I am understanding it correctly. Perhaps he will correct me if I am wrong. One downside could be double reporting of a workout to services like Strava though so something to be aware of.

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Update firmware on both Assioma and 935. If that doesn’t work then plug your 935 into USB load Garmin Express, syc, then reboot the 935. Then try again.

My AssiomaDUO and 935 paired just now first try over ANT+

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Hi, I am also looking for some hep with this.
I have favero pedals, dual sided.
I have a polar vantage m watch and a wahoo bolt.
I use my phone for Trainer Road and since my phone can only do bluetooth that takes up the sole BT connection from the pedals (as I understand it as BT can only have one connection at a time).
However, I should be able to connect my polar watch or my wahoo bolt via ant+ to the favero pedals correct? (or both as ant+ can have more than one simultaneous connection?).
How do I get the polar watch or the wahoo bolt to connect to the favero pedals via ant+?
Thank you for any assistance you can provide.