Assioma and Garmin watch

I’ve got a garmin forerunner watch and assioma pedals.I use the watch mainly for sleep and resting heart rate data.
I completely forgot that the watch has a V02 max estimator on it and I am curious to try it. For cycling it says to connect heart rate monitor (Tickr) and my power meter to the watch to do the estimate, I was going to test this out this weekend on a long ride. The HR monitor pairs fine with both my bolt and watch, however the assiomas will only pair with either my watch or the bolt, not both.
Anyone know of a work around or another way to go about this, I want all my ride date from the bolt as well as the watch.

Just throwing it out there: can you pair one with ANT+ and the other via bluetooth?

The Assiomas will offer the ability to pair via Bluetooth or ANT+. The Bluetooth device name will be way wordier. You can connect one recording device via Bluetooth, and the other with ANT, or connect both with ANT.

Sounds like you have paired it over Bluetooth (which will allow only one connection at a time). ANT+ allows multiple connections.

Delete the existing pairing on the watch, then add it again. Garmin should pick up ANT+ by default.

Awesome, thanks!