P1 Pedals & IPad App

Has anyone been able to pair PowerTap P1 pedals with the iPad app for cadence via Bluetooth?

Yes, mine pair right up.

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No problems with mine.

I have a 1st Gen iPad Air that had a hell of a time pairing with my P1s. I gave up on it and just use my phone.

Using P1s pedals with an iPad Pro and all has been working perfectly over bluetooth for both cadence and power. Also used an iPhone 6S and all is fine with that too.

Wonderful! I will set it up today!

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Nope. Both the iPhone and the iPad apps tell me that ant+ is required to connect to the PowerTap P1 pedals.

It says the same for the Bluetooth heart rate monitor I’m using, so I guess I’m missing a setting or something,

Are the pedals already connected to something else and getting blocked? Have you tried connecting them to another app (like the powertap one?)

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Connect fine with my ipad pro. I would second the suggestion to see if they are already connected to something else (i.e. head unit).

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Todd have you tried the ant+ dongle. My iPad won’t find ant+ without this. Actually mine might be fron wahoo it goes in the lightnin port on my iPad

If I don’t have one can’t find my ant+ heart rate monitor.

I have the ant+ accessory in my laptop, which is what I use for TR.

I was just curious if I could use my iPad by Bluetooth only, and get power and cadence from the pedals. It seems like this is possible, but as long as all my accessories are Bluetooth.

I’ll try all these ideas this week.

I have the P1 pedals. The right one stopped working but the left still works and doubles the power. Can no longer calibrate them but … I am currently pairing them with my iPhone 6 using BT and it works well. I am only using cadence right now but power also works (as-in its usable) just fine.

I noticed that my right pedal didn’t report power when doing 1 leg drills earlier this week with my P1s. Checked the firmware and it’s up to date and TrainingPeaks has left right data for out outdoor rides. Maybe something funky with the app?

@nate Any known issues around the P1s?

If your pedals are connect with Bluetooth (not ANT), TrainerRoad does not take into account two-sided devices. For P1 pedal, it just double the left side one. That’s why you don’t have any data/power when you practice single leg drills on the right… But good news is : it’s completely useless to do that kind of drills! #OldSchool :wink:

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