Long shot question: Power Tap (dual) pedals & Cycling Dynamics data

Hi and happy holidays!

Got a question that probably would have been easier 10 years ago, but here I am…

I have a pair of PowerTap (dual) pedals (they are the first gen). They work fine, no issues, can’t complain about the pedals themselves.

I had them paired with a Stages L50 bike computer and some time ago, got an update to the Stages that provided cycling dynamics - Left | Right balance.

I’ve recently switched to a Garmin 1030 Plus and thought I’d easily / quickly get the same data, but fun fact - no….

Granted PowerTap has been passed around from company to company and there’s probably not many folks out there that use them, but was curious if anyone here had a pair and either knew how to get left | right balance data on the Edge OR they know it’s not doable.

I have a theory that PowerTap may have gone a different way to get things to work and while Stages got it to work, maybe it wasn’t following the standard and so Garmin being Garmin didn’t see the point. But hopefully I’m missing something. Or maybe has some tips to try?

Thanks and again, happy holidays everyone.

I have them and use them with a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt V1 and get L/R balance from them on the Bolt and Wahoo ride data. Not sure on any Garmin stuff though.

Chad, question on how they are seen on the Wahoo devices….do you see one Ant+ ID or two - one for each pedal?

That’s the only thing I can think might be an issue on the Garmin side. I’ve posted in their forum but may take a while to get a response.

But was curious how it looked on your device(s).


It shows as a single power meter (not separate L/R) under the regular ANT+ ID.