Power Pedals Cycling Dynamics with TrainerRoad

I recently purchased the Favero Assioma pedals. I used them for the first time with TrainerRoad on my iPad connecting via Bluetooth. Am I correct in understanding that I would need to use ANT+ to get data like the Left-Right Balance % from the pedals to show in TrainerRoad?

To the best of my knowledge, TR does not support any aspect of cycling dynamics, for any power meter.

They did for a short period with the Garmin Vectors, but that was removed without notice at some point in the past.

I think you will have to rely on outside apps for dynamics analysis.

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More than outside apps, you need to record with a different unit, not just TrainerRoad. I have the same pedals and have to record with my garmin and review that file for when I want to look at left-right power for example.

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okay. thanks. not a huge deal I had trainnerroad running and my garmin 520 running so I could see the l/r power difference on my garmin which was more than I was imagining it would be. so I’m happy to have pedals now compared to my single sided stages pm. once I got tired I definitely noticed a bigger l/r power difference. so I’ll just keep my garmin running during sessions. at least with the pedals now I have a more accurate total power reading.

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