Pairing iOS TrainerRoad w/ 4iiii Dual Sided Power Meter

Am trying to use iPhone iOS Trainerroad app with my bike mounted on dumb wheel trainer. I have dual sided 4iiii Precision Pro. The pairing wizard on the iOS App shows bluetooth devices - 4iiii heart rate strap, left side 4iiii precision pro, right side precision pro. This seems odd right away that both PM’s show. When I pair with both the app responds by showing HALF the power watts as verified against a wahoo element head unit. I then unpaired and repaired to only a single power meter (left) and power watts is then displayed correctly.

What did I do wrong? Does it not support dual sided? Shouldn’t it show one power meter to pair with instead of two?

Thanks for the suggestions.

Hi i guess your 4iiii is Not broadcasting dual power over Bluetooth but is over ant+

You nailed it. ANT from my laptop appears as either a single power meter over ANT or two bluetooth power meters. So it’s a bluetooth issue. I can connect to pm’s via my 4iiii app as dual configuration but still not sure if dual is an officially supported configuration over bluetooth?

I know with assioma pedals you Can broadcast your dual power over a single Bluetooth CHANNEL is this Something you Can set in your 4iiii app ? Maybe worth finding out

I think what’s going on here is that the TR app is doubling the left power meter when paired to it, so you get a “whole” picture, but we can’t pair to both sides independently. Thomas is right in that over ANT+, the pedals combine the left and right data and send it as one package.

When using the TR iOS app, just pair the left Precision Pro and you should be all set, though the power you get will be double the left reading, not the combination of the two.


Im not sure if this would work. You could look into 4iiii’s heart rate monitor. It works as a hub and might be able to help. Really just a guess.