Power meter died 10 minutes into a 3 hr ride - manually adding HR stress score

Hiya - I was going to ask how to do it, but ended up figuring it out. Only posting in case someone else is searching for the same issue (searched before and couldn’t find anything on TR).

Because my PM died after collecting 5-10 minutes worth of power numbers, my ride was considered with power by TR and I couldn’t add the TSS estimation.

I ended up doing the following:

  1. Download the GPX from Strava
  2. Edit with Notepad
  3. Find & Replace (CTRL+H) “power” with “powerdeleted”
  4. In Past Rides, manually import your ride to TR
  5. Because your file has no power data, TR will prompt to enter RPE
  6. Change Ride Intensity to Custom and enter the HR stress score (get from Strava Elevate Chrome add-in)
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That’s a great workaround. I’ve been manually adding “dummy rides” of the same duration and estimating TSS on those.

For clarity to others, Notepad is a Windows text editor. (Is there an app for that?) Enter RPE is TR’s “estimate TSS”. And you could just choose one of the offered RPE’s when estimating TSS, or use Strava’s stress score.

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Or upload your file here - remove the power data then upload to TR


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It’s discussed in this thread here

With workaround options