No power meter no TSS


I don’t have a power meter connected to Trainerroad as I train at the gym. This means I get no TSS score for my workouts. It seems odd I can estimate my TSS for an outdoor ride. Could you add the same feature to indoor rides?

Out of interest, if I had a power meter connected would I get the TSS regardless of the effort (I assume not) does it change slightly depending on effort and how close you keep to the power target?

Many years ago when I was doing some workouts at a gym without a power meter etc, I used RPE (Rating of Perceived Exertion): find a workout you’ve done with a power meter that seems comparable in terms of RPE and time and use the TSS for that. Doesn’t need to be exact, ball-park is fine. You should have a reasonably good idea of how hard your workouts are. For example, you probably know that an easy 1-hour workout might be TSS of 40-60, slightly harder 60-80, and really tough workouts 80+, etc.

Thanks @WattsUp. I understand that. It feel like I hit the TSS :grinning:. The issue is, you can’t add the TSS to the workout. My TSS each week is just my outdoor ride that I add.

I wouldn’t mind if it just added the default TSS for me.

Maybe easiest to simply add the workout as a separate activity on your calendar (Add Activity - Other Activity), it initially gives you an estimated TSS based on time and intensity - and you can over-write that if you think it’s off.