No power meter for outdoor training

Advice please.

I really want to follow a plan but I don’t have an indoor trainer or power meter. The trainer isn’t a problem, I’m happy(ish) to do outdoor rides but no power meter isn’t so good as the workouts ask you to maintain different power levels. How can I do this without a power meter and just a heart rate monitor?

Thanks guys.

Here are two relevant guides, for doing TR workouts outside, without power data:

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Thanks Chad!

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that is going to be tough, especially since most new riders need time to adapt to executing intervals on the road; rollers, using the gears properly, etc. I’d start saving and look to buy a used Stages or something for about $300. Try to get in the power game!

Good luck!

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I also train without a power meter but would love to add one. The problem is I don’t think I’ll keep my bike very long into 2021 (looking to upgrade), so I don’t want to get one that works with this bike and doesn’t work with FutureBike. Any suggestions on where to buy a used power meter?

Facebook has online Swap Meet and eBay.

A stages will work on most bikes but check the site for details. I am no expert in compatibility.

Good luck! Lol “FutureBike”

Brendan John Housler

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