Power drops impacting FTP test?

I just an FTP test after the first phase of my plan, it didn’t budge which is fine but it got me wondering if these drop outs I’m seeing are impacting my test. When the power drops, I don’t even feel any difference in my effort.

I’ve done tests with trainerroad support and wahoo, and we can’t seem to figure out how to fix the drops. I live in a large apartment building so I’m convinced it’s interference of some sort. It’s odd that the power drops only seem to happen at higher watts.

Check out the graph, should I be concerned about the trainer itself?

Those drops will for sure being impacting your result. And I suspect you’re right with suspecting interference. Troubleshoot, and be methodical. Start with what you can control. Turn off all unnecessary wireless devices using any wireless protocol. Positioning of your wifi router can be a factor too. If you’re using bluetooth, try Ant+ and vice versa. Any connections you can make with a cable, make with a cable.

It may be the smallest or oddest thing that is causing the problem. It may also be something totally out of your control like a device in a neighbouring apartment.

But be methodical in trying to eliminate the cause.

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yep, I’ve done. I’ve gone as far as unplugging EVERYTHING in my apartment. leaving only my phone and trainer. Even with the phone an inch from the trainer I continued to see the drops. It’s a bummer, I wish trainers had an option to use a wire instead of only wireless.

I had similar issues at one point and it turned out it was my trainer being setup too close to my neighbours wifi router through an adjoining wall. I moved my setup back a few feet and it improved things dramatically. Is that something you’re able to try?

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Do you need to use your phone for this? Do you have a computer you can use instead?

I’ve tested 2 different phones, an iPad and 2 different computers. All produce similar results with drops. I even ordered an ANT+ dongle and tested that vs bluetooth. Same issue.

I’ll be moving to a new apartment within the next month so I’m hoping things improve. It will still be in a dense building so I’m sure there will be plenty of interference.

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I noticed today that the drops don’t happen if I keep my cadence low around 70. Once I raise it to 85-90 the drops start again. The drops also don’t seem to happen at lower power level intervals.

If it was interference wouldn’t I expect it at all cadence and power level?

Long shot, are you using Elite’s powermatch ? When I first got my Elite Suito (pre my use of TR) I tried Elite’s powermatch of my Favero Be Pro S power meter. It tracked the Garmin OK at low cadence but the moment I upped the cadence Elite powermatch dropped out. Elite’s support was helpful NOT. They just indicated that everything was set up right and working and the drop out was to be expected :exploding_head:

Been dealing with Ant+ drop outs since i joined. I just figure a watt here or there is not going to have a huge impact on my overall training. Just never have been a slave to my FTP though. If it make you feel better you can always bump your FTP up manually 1-2 watts. after the ramp test is over

I’d turn off the kickrs erg mode power smoothing if i were you.

Shouldn’t have any affect on your issue but it will sooth your soul.

Just remembered another thing that was cadence related. At certain cadences my cleat was touching the powerpod causing drop outs. I had to file my cleat down slightly.