Potential Issue with Canyon Outlet (Positive Resolution)

Took receipt of a 2018 Canyon Ultimate CF 10.0 LTD today as ordered from the Canyon outlet. I know the risks, but decided to take it anyway. The bike I got was in “meh” packaging where the outlet folks clearly just reused what the bike was sent back in (the small box containing tools, etc. was labeled “Di2” not inspiring a lot of confidence for a SRAM eTap bike). But, whatever. Issue one is that the steerer tube has been cut down completely by the original owner. No spacers at all. And to be honest, he/she cut it down a little far in my opinion (steerer tube only comes to about five or six millimeters from the top of the stem). I like to run at least one spacer for comfort and security of the steerer. I assumed (incorrectly I guess) that the bikes sold in the outlet wouldn’t be physically modified. Not happy about this. Issue two is that the bike’s derailleurs came with dead batteries and NO CHARGERS. Presumably, the original owner did not return the eTap chargers and so, I did not receive them. This does not speak well to the level of detail practiced by the outlet folks “recertifying” these bikes. And, my confidence in the process and the bike is next to shot. Not sure what I can or should do, given the “no return” policy.

Perhaps worst of all, I can’t ride in this wonderful weather as the reason I purchased this bike was to replace the one I wrecked two weeks ago leading to a compromised frame.

Any suggestions?

Their website says, “Full guarantee and warranty”.

Maybe you can swap it or get store credit.

Call 'em.

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Did you call them?

Also, you did buy a used bike, and with that generally comes with some concessions. Was the money savings worth the risk?

Yep, I plan to give them a call tomorrow. Hopefully they can do something.

Agreed on the risk taking. However, even though it was a bike that was presumably returned within the 30-day return window, I assumed that “small signs of use” wouldn’t mean physical alteration of the bike. I don’t think anyone would think that cutting three inches off the steerer tube is “small signs of use.”

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Honestly, it’s kind of bad form for you to complain online like this without having contacted Canyon first. At least give them the opportunity to find a solution before you give them bad press.


they should have pictures of the real bike being shipped to you, try to see if you can still check the link and look at the steerer.

but aside from that, there is no excuse for the missing charger and they should send a replacement to you

Fair enough. I think I’ll modify the title of the thread to be less negative and certainly will update with any response from Canyon.


Totally disagree. It is helpful for others considering to understand the potential realities of what they are getting into. Having recently had some bad experiences with companies trying to badger me into positive reviews after subpar service, there is nothing wrong with stating the truth.


I would think that there should be little problem in them supply etap chargers.

The more interesting issue would be whether they still have spare 2018 steerers in inventory.

Agreed. I measured the actual distance between the top of the steerer and the top of the stem this morning and it was a bit better than I thought by eyeballing it, but still a bit more than I’m comfortable with (about 4.5mm which is significantly more than the 2-3mm that it should be). Do I think it will fail? Probably not. Do I think I should have to take the risk? Nope

They probably ought to supply you with replacement chargers given that the advert (I presume) for the bike did not specify any missing parts / components?

In terms of the cut down tube, it may well be they didn’t spot this has happened - not making excuses for them, but I can see how that might have been missed. If you raise it with them then they may potentially send you a replacement new part or offer you some money off what you paid by way of compensation?

Worth asking nicely and seeing where you get to with their customer support team - best of luck :+1:

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Not sure what kind of deal you got on the bike. But I assume you got in on a great discount.
In my opinion a cut steerer is something to be expected on a bike.

When I got my demo used Yeti SB5.5 the handlebars as well as the steerer was cut. The price I paid for getting the bike less than half off msrp!

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Could you provide the link to the outlet listing? The bike disappears on their website, but the link from your history will probably work. I kept going back to the listing on a bike I bought and could get there using my history after they removed it.

For the outlet bikes they have pictures of the bike being sold, not just stock photos. That wouldn’t solve the missing chargers, but it would have likely shown the cockpit. If you didn’t notice it while looking at the pictures, probably diligently, it’s not unreasonable to think that it wasn’t something that stood out while being looked over at the warehouse. With that said however, depending on the language on the listing page, the bike w/ cut steerer could have satisfactorily met the requirements for the category of outlet bike you bought.

Sucks that you are having a bad experience. I recently bought a Lux on outlet and got a great bike. I hope Canyon is able to remedy the situation for you.

Seems like poor-form for the original owner to cut the fork and then return it. You have 30 days to evaluate it… use the spacers to get your fit right and try it out a bit. Once you’ve cut into it I think you’ve committed to owning the thing.


Unless the outlet posting clearly said those things listed, I’d be fighting for whats missing and a replaced fork. Customer server is hit or miss, I had a good experience for the rear hydration kit I got.

Now if the posting said those things, or even if one of the pictures showed the cut down stem I’d bet you may be SOL. No returns if the bike came as advertised. The listing for the outlet bike I purchased had clear pictures of the bike I would be buying and the cosmetic blemishes that accompanied it.

My Grail is an outlet buy. It was actually in pretty good condition, but when i was trying to buy parts from them (converted to DI2) they were hit and miss. Basically if they don’t have a canned solution for what you need they just shrug their shoulders. Canyon USA is a glorified reseller, they’re pretty limited on what they can do, and pass the inconvenience onto the consumer.

In this situation though, unless they clearly showed that the fork had been modified, or made mention of it in the listing, I think they would have to take it back.


The stem would be the big problem for me- try playing dumb and asking if it is a safety issue, that may be enough for them to send a CYA replacement. The lack of a charger means you didn’t receive what you paid for- in the US that may be enough to do a charge back (or at least threaten it to get them to fix the situation). Claiming no returns/no warranties doesn’t mean you don’t have recourse through your credit card company (of course you’ll burn that bridge and may be barred there in the future) and their merchant agreement

That’s all well and good, but the buyer should know about these modifications beforehand.

So an update: spoke with Canyon CS on the phone and described the issues in detail including that it was difficult to tell from the photos the degree to which the steerer had been cut down, whether the stem was completely slammed, etc. I also described how the top of the steerer was more than the typically recommended 3mm from the top of the stem (it measured about 5mm at spots) and that I was worried about safety issues. After discussing it with the Tech people, Canyon decided to take the bike back for a full refund. So, I’m happy with the outcome and think they treated me right. Good on them. I still need a bike, though, but will probably avoid the Outlet as I’m normally pretty risk averse.