Canyon Price Hikes

I see Canyon are getting on the covid bandwaggon and have just put up the prices of all of their bikes! :hot_face:

Any idea on the ballpark percentage of the increase?

Seems pretty widespread in the industry. And may be due to tight availability of components and resources?

It appears to be about 6 to 7% increase. It’s not (yet) on every bike but quite a few of them. Yes, probably due to availability AND demand during these difficult times.

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The USD has lost close to 10% to the EUR since the beginning of the year - so any product denominated in EUR will eventually see a price increase in the US. This said, I’m pretty sure Asian production to Canyon would be priced in USD, so they would have an improvement on the cost side, but you would still see a bump in pricing to the US.


Curious where you’re seeing this? What country? USD prices seem to be the same since the last bump which I think was in Jan 2020.

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UK website but I believe all Europe is affected

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The US online store has almost no inventory anyway. All bike brands are struggling to keep up with demand. Not totally surprised to see pricing increase.

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What the prices don’t show is their inability to provide any level of service once your bike fails after the purchase. I’m 6 weeks in with my bike sitting in the rack with radio silence from Canyon for a small part. The part is a Canyon proprietary part so only they have access to it. I’ve emailed one of the Canyon employees that frequents this board for help and again, no response. I will post an entire thread on the lack of service but be fully warned before you proceed with any bike from them. I was a raving fan of their bikes but once you have a problem, the fun stops pretty quickly.


That sounds like a complete nightmare. I hope they sort your issue out soon.

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Thank you. I never expected to be in this situation but whatever nightmare stories you hear about their customer service and inability to get a warranty claim processed, believe them.


Same for GBP to EUR - additionally Brexit is getting closer. Not sure if that also has consequences.

Currency should be helping lowering those prices in theory. Cost in USD, selling in EUR, ISD losing value.

Well, with a German HQ (marketing, r&d…) and final assembly there I guess there are still quite some costs in EUR for Canyon. Not sure how they pay the manufacturers in Asia. But when your main source of income is EUR I’d expect that they either pay in EUR or if they pay in USD that they hedge themselves financially against USD fluctuations towards their manufacturers.

You are right, all their adders (and their margin) are in EUR. 9 chances out of 10 that their Asia supplier (China? Taiwan?) is in USD. Depending on volume, it’s not that common to hedge on the supply side. The cost of the hedge often overrides its impact - the banks don’t want to lose money.

Canyon has support centers in each of the major countries that they sell to right? I wonder if the USA branch is having issues? In Japan, I’ve always gotten a response within hours.

What is the part by the way?

I contacted support at the beginning of August. I heard back from them after 4 days but the response wasn’t really relevant so I immediately responded. They actually responded that same day saying they would look into it after they took the time to really read about the issue I am having.

While I was waiting, I took my bike to my LBS who is pretty large dealer with many locations and they tried working with Rockshox to fix the issue. Rockshox said that since Canyon modified the shock for the Lux, only Canyon can assist because they are the ones that have the part.

The spool assembly on the Lux shock is modified so that it can fit under the frame with the spool facing up where the lockout cable runs into the frame.


So an off the shelf Rockshox Deluxe remote shock will not work with the Lux. You could send the shock to one of the largest factory authorized service centers for Rockshox and ask them to help and all signs point to them being unable to fix it as well. As me how I know.

18 days from their initial response and still no response or resolution from Canyon. I don’t want the part for free I am willing to pay for it and I will pay for shipping but they won’t even respond.

Imagine if you bought a Canyon mountain bike and crashed and damaged your shock. Your fault and you don’t argue that. You know you are going to have to cough up $400-$500 for a new shock if that’s what it comes to and you brace yourself for that. But, to your shock (hehe), Canyon modified the off the shelf product so you have to get the new shock directly from them, no exceptions. But guess what, they won’t sell it to you or even bother to respond. So what are you left with? A $7,000 bike with no rear shock and no way of getting one without the service from the company you bought it from. As a consumer, your options are pretty limited in this situation. You can ask for help, then beg for help, then threaten them with unleashing social media and forum hate on them but in the end if they don’t want to help, you are basically screwed.

If you are considering buying a Canyon you should check your head. I was a raving fan and I have many posts on this board to prove it and instagram posts “liked on” by Canyon with me and my bike all over the place and winning races. I love the bike, but honestly the money you save up front simply can’t be worth the frustration and pain of dealing with them on what should be a simple fix that you are willing to pay for.

I think in terms of people reading this thinking, “this won’t happen to me.” I was one of those people. I can wrench my own bike and I don’t use the shop for much of anything.

If you are reading this thinking, “My bike has been amazing.” Yeah me too until it wasn’t. You just haven’t crossed into that stage yet. As I said before, I love the bike, no regrets in terms of capabilities of the machine.

The specs on an Aeroad kill everything in it’s class. I have ridden a bunch of their bikes and I love the way they ride. And Lionel Sanders rides them, and MVDP, and PFP and the Vegan Cyclist and Jeremiah Bishop and stop with it already because you aren’t them. You will be stuck wondering WTF you can do to get your bike back on the road when you have an issue.

When a proprietary part fails, what can you do as just an average person? I was oblivious to the fact they would even use a proprietary part on a bike. I never even noticed that it was proprietary until it mattered.

Buy Canyon, face the consequences. You have been warned.


Thanks for the complete story! That really sucks.

I was implying that you go straight to the support center in Germany (they speak English). There is also the live chat on the website which reduces the hassle of going back and forth over days and days of emailing. Just make sure you go to the German site during German work hours.

Thank you for recommendation. I will give it a try presuming I don’t have to read German. :grin:

If you would have to read some German and looking for help, pm me. I‘m from Germany and would love to help with some basic translations.

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That is very kind of you and I really appreciate that! This is on my list for tomorrow and hopefully work allows me the time to deal with another round of Canyon customer service follow-up.

Thank you!