Torn between two Canyon bikes, help

Hi guys,

Need your opinion. Bought a new bike from Canyon outlet, minimal signs of wear from 6500 to 4500 euro. Specs:

Slx Ultimate, rimbrake
Dura ace Di2, cassette and real derrailleur long cage are ultegra di2
Mavic comete pro carbon exalith wheels (1650 grams ex tires), 68mm
Speed shifters


Now I need a powermeter a 650 euro minimum (favero) and dfly for 100 euro. Totaling me on around 5200 euro.

I am torn between the above and a new bike not from the outlet:

Ultimate slx, disc brake
Sram force etapp 12sp with powermeter included
Dtwiss arc 1400 dicutt 48mm (weight 1550)

Costprice: 5500 euro.

Not sure if I should return the one I bought and get the sram eforce or settle with what I got. Sram force is 12sp and the bike has disc brakes and more versatile wheels. The current bike has dura ace (except the derr), is 11sp, has no powermeter, rimbrakes. Plus i can use my rimbrake renolds fortysix in this bike.

What would you do? Thanks!

The outlet bikes in the US are non-returnable. It is stated in the description of every outlet bike. Not sure in you case.

If you can return it and not mind the hassle then swap. Having disc brakes is amazing compared to rim. Bike world is shifting towards those regardless if people really want it, so might as well get onboard with it. People are taking a bath when they have to sell their rim brake bikes/wheels now.
Also included power meter makes it less of a hassle to deal with switching out cranks and bottom brackets.
My newest road bike was a dream because it came with one. Couldn’t be happier, mainly because I got sick and tired of the hassle of bb issues everyone I got a new bike.

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