Dura Ace Jockey wheel fail on new Canyon

So my 3rd ride on my new canyon today. New Dura ace group set. Change gear under no stress what so ever and all I hear is a snap sound. My rear mech jams and I need to unclip before I fall off. Thankfully I wasnt going fast and all seemed ok.

However after looking, the plastic around the bottom of the jockey wheel snapped off and the chain coming off has chipped the paint work on the chain stay.

To say I’m gutted is an understatement, however now I thinking about it, the bike is less than 1 week old and this is surely a component failure which has resulted in damage. I’m going to contact canyon support on Monday, however what do y’all think my chances are of getting anywhere with them?



Man that sucks. It’s definitely a bummer your shiny new expensive bike is scratched/chipped but you should let that go. Nothing can prevent dirt or rocks coming up on any ride and causing the same thing. I do take good care of my bikes, but being extra carful for a tool that is rolling around on roads in any condition is just not worth the stress.

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Yeah I get what your saying. However the chip in paint work is a bi-product of a supposedly high end component failing.

I never really investigate the full t&c’s on the manufacturer warranty (maybe I should) however I’d like to think the jokey housing just braking off must be covered by Canyon.

if youre in the USA, im willing to bet theyre gonna tell you to bug shimano. Id love if im wrong, but their US based support has been anywhere from non-existant to abysmal in the past 2-3 years.

If you have a LBS you like, id see if they can file a claim through shimano for ya. Im a fellow canyon owner as well so im not trying to get on the “buy local high-horse” but this is the cost you pay for not having local support. I made the mistake once, have no plans on making it twice

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I don’t think that’s plastic but carbon. Replacing the cage should be easy but the scratches on the frame :sob: I hope Canyon is lenient. How much assembly did you have to do yourself on this bike?

I did pretty much no assembly at all. I fit the front wheel and connect handlebars.

If the snapped piece is carbon then it’s 100% been faulty. Its snapped under no pressure at all.

Canyon actually have a deal with a bike Shop 30km away who actually as local support and I think / hope Canyon will advise to take it there and I’ll hopefully get to explain the situation to a human in person.

I’m based in UK, so hopefully customer service is slightly better than in U.S.

the part itself fortunately is pretty cheap (i did not check if this is your exact version)

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Yeah, same here. I have no problem with buying direct to consumer as I do all the maintenance but Canyon’s support is abysmal. You can’t even buy replacement parts from them. Something as simple as replacing headset bearings is complicated and expensive because of shipping costs (you have to pay for shipping from Europe) and buying from a third party parts is also a headache.

Bearings are wearables! You’ll have to replace them at some point.

Just saw on a forum somewhere someone saying $250 for headset bearings. Not stocked in USA and canyon Europe was the only option. Apparently the chamfer is not used anywhere else

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I don’t wanna put the blame on you but this happened to me when I cross shifted with a bike that had the chain cut short juuuust by a link. Could that have been the issue? Cross chaining (big cog / big ring combo) is not always a problem but it does put more pressure on the drive train. Overtime derailleur cage can give out like that. And over time can be just couple weeks depending on how much pressure there is.

I use full syncho shift and I was literally just going mega slow slightly up hill. This is my 2nd Canyon, both Di2 and never had this issue ever.

My mate was cycling behind me at the time and was equally confused.

I mean, cycling is a learning experience I suppose, but I just cannot accept this as my fault.

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It looks like the chain is threaded the wrong side of the jockey wheel cage at the bottom?


Shimano electronic shifting allows cross chaining :face_with_monocle: sram blocks those combinations

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Honestly, you’ll have a hard time getting out of Canyon….there is no way for them to ascertain what may have been done to the bike once you started riding it, nor the situation in which the incident happened. While it may have happened as described, to them it is just another case of JRA (Just Riding Along), which they hear all the time.

Secondly, assuming it was a warranty issue, what do want Canyon to do? Warranty the frame? Pay for it to be repainted? None of those are going to happen…at best, they may give you a replacement RD cage, but that is it. And the energy you are gonna have to expend to get there likely won’t be worth the hassle.

I would find some nail polish that closely matches your frame, touch up the scratch and get the RD fixed and call it a day.


You’re probably right and if honest, I’m not sure what I was expecting to get out of them hence my post. It’s just a shitty situation considering it’s a brand new bike. Appreciate your blunt honesty though :smile_cat:

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Many things in life aren’t, but they still happen all the time. The best you can do is brace yourself for the inevitable BS that will happen to you.

What could you have done differently in this case? I don’t know. I would’ve bought the Ultegra version rather than DA. Would’ve stung less, but that’s just me. I don’t treat my bikes like jewelry. I thrash em.

Also not particularly surprised at Canyon’s reputation for customer service. German companies in general are known for overengineering and not having an adequate support system. I recently had a factory service tech diagnose a simple hydraulic problem on a German industrial machine. The labor for diagnosis alone cost more than your bike, around 10K. I could’ve had a local hydraulics expert do it for 1/4 the cost, but the German company didn’t provide the schematic. The replacement part is 6K. It’s a stack of six hydraulic valves. I had to buy the whole stack because they won’t sell individual valves.

Sorry to hear of your issues. I’d be pissed too. Oddly enough, I was recently contemplating getting a new s-works frame for the new Tarmac SL8. I have a nice SL6 that I like and I was jonesing for a new bike. I can technically “afford” a new frame and build up. But then I started to think about the need vs. want as well as what I would do if my beautiful new bike got scratched or if I wiped out…I would be so mad. So, then I talked myself out of it. I figure the $5,500 (add taxes and it’s almost 6k out the door) would be better put to use to complete the deck redo I’ve been wanting to do for a while. My wife gave me her blessing to get the frame, but I am going to hold off for now.

Hope you can do a close color match. Maybe consider watching some youtube videos…I’ve seen guys do a great job with color matching and using super fine sandpaper (like 2,000 grit) to blend it. I’m not sure I could be that bold and pull it off, but maybe you will be! :slight_smile:
Good luck!

Agree, that does not look right. A pic clearly showing the routing would help. But from what we have, it’s looks wrong.

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Fortunately your UK based and im assuming you bought it online?.

If so, both the CRA2015 and Distance selling regs are in play and after such a short period of time, both are hugely favourable.

As your under 30 days from purchase, you still have the legal right for “Short Term Right to Reject” which will end up in a full refund or entirely new bike. (Dont let them repair it unless your happy to take a repair + partial refund)

Over 30 days, but under 6 month, you have to give the seller an opportunity to repair or replace the item before being able to ask for a refund.

Note for all of the above, as its under 6 months, its presumed to be faulty BEFORE you bought it. The seller will have to get independent reports to prove youve broke it if they fancy challenging your request for a refund/replacement.

Given how difficult that will be to prove (being carbon so susceptible to internal/invisible faults), id be shocked if they dont cave very quickly as they literally dont have a leg to stand on.


The chain running on the outside of the jockey wheel looks wrong to me, or is it just a strange angle of photo?

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