Canyon Outlet bike opinion

Hey guys,

So I ordered this outlet bike. Actually a little bit over my budget, aimed for the force etap. However, can’t help but thinking force looks not too good to me. Saw the Ultimate SLX with red etap in the outlet store with EUR 500 discount.

However, some slight minor marks. Are these serious? As far as I can tell theres some paint dmg on the rear and a small mark on the wheel, not sure how this should be looked at. Anyone can give their opinion? Thanks in advance!

I’m no expert so I wouldn’t like to comment on the photos but they have a live chat option on the website and you could ask them to confirm that it is purely cosmetic.

They provide the same warrenty for bikes from their outlet store as they do for new bikes.


No. It’s nothing a little touch up paint won’t cure.

“Hell, a little touch-up and a little paint”
-B. Springsteen, Human Touch

Minor cosmetic issues…Canyon is not going to sell a bike that is structurally compromised. That would be a massive legal liability.


Seems to be missing the dork disc, reflectors, and plastic pedals.

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If you get the full warranty I would not worry. The chip on the wheel looks the most serious, if you have time and patience you might consider getting an opinion from DT support.

I think the wheel looks ok, but as mentioned, can follow up with DT. Same wheelset I have btw, can’t recommend enough.

Thanks for the insight. Contact DT Swiss. Doubting long before buying this bike. Wanted to settle for 1400 dicut but now went for the 1100!

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I’m John Keiller a TrainerRoad User and Global Director Digital Strategy for Canyon. I look after the Outlet team and would be happy to have them answer any of your questions, send you more photos or even speak to you directly about this bike. It’s a fantastic deal and I’d be happy to arrange free shipping for you also.




Thanks John,

Send you an e-mail.

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