Post your keto meals

Most people think keto is very limited, so I’ll post here my daily meals, from time to time.

Starting with tonight’s:

Aged grass fed 0km ribeye, broccoli, asparagus, spinach, kale, sellery, pinch of onion, garlic, cayenne pepper, walnuts.


The carb-leaning majority of this forum is likely due to the fact that there aren’t any pro-level cyclists doing keto year after year and doing well. I don’t think there are any pro cyclists doing keto during race season. Cycling at a high, sustained power (not just endurance with some bursts) just isn’t possible without carbs. It’s barely possible with 80-120g per hour.

That’s pro, though. And any mid to high volume performance oriented cyclist.

Keto can work just fine for a low volume cyclist. That’s not dissimilar to gym bro routines. Plenty of time (22-23 hours) to refill the glycogen.

The best keto cyclists put out some OK numbers for a few hours. The ceiling just isn’t very high compared to the best carb cyclists—power-wise over time, all season long.

All that to say, forum members shouldn’t downplay keto; it’s a viable diet for very specific cycling goals. But I don’t think they’re being sheep. Carbs work really well and can be part of a well balanced, less restrictive diet that’s easier to manage, especially with family.

My favourite meal from when I was keto… I don’t have any fond meal memories from that year to be honest. Couldn’t afford ribeye. It was a stressful diet with a small family but that’s beside the point.

Hopefully you get some other keto food pics from cyclists.


I used Keto in the past and did an olympic distance triathlon on it. Went really well, didn’t eat before it and felt like I could have done another one when it was finished. I didn’t do it the cleanest back then and that didn’t help.
Went Vegan for a while (I know complete oppossite), but am heading back to a keto style diet again.
This time I will be doing more the timed keto option. So I will make a glucose drink to have before trainings and during if the intensity and time call for it.
I have issues with breads, pastas, cereals and the like so I will be interested to see how I can make this work. I will be doing it a lot cleaner this time, no processed meats, and no diary (it really doesn’t agree with me). I’m a track sprinter now so I don’t need to go for hours on end so should work ok once I have my pre-workout carbs organised.


I think everyone has issues with modern wheat. The ancient type of what (like Farro Antico) has a different structure. The gluten is connected differently to the other main components, and it is way more digestible.

(explanation by Gabriele Bonci)

The wheatberry (Triticum) is composed of three parts: the germ, the endosperm, and the bran. The bran (12% of the total weight) is the outer layer that holds the whole grain together. It is rich in insoluble vitamins and fiber.

The endosperm (85%) is the largest portion of the grain, and it is rich in starch and protein and key to the transformation of gluten.

The germ (3%) is the embryo inside the grain, and in the right conditions it turns into a new plant. It is the nutritious core of the wheatberry, rich in vitamins, fats, and minerals.

Flour is made by grinding (milling) wheatberries. The grain is gradually shelled and broken down into progressively smaller pieces, which are then sifted to a certain level of fineness depending on the kind of flour to be made.

Industrial flour milling tends to completely eliminate the bran and separate out the germ from the wheat. All of the naturally occuring fat is removed, giving the resulting flour a much longer shelf life. (<-- the crap flour that we use basically)

Whole-grain flour, made by milling the entire grain, contains more of the natural oils from the germ and the bar and for that reason it has a shorter shelf life.

White flour is all endosperm. That’s the part with the most sugar and protein (gluten), but it contains little fat, oil, vitamins, minerals - i.e. the things that would make wheat a complete food. That’s why sifted white flour lasts longer.

Flour manufacturers focus more on the extraction capacity of a variety of wheat, rather than its quality and strength. Nutritional elements are added and removed depending on the goal. This process calls for extracting the germ, adding/eliminating protein, and adding or removing fiber.

Often these parts are toasted and stabilized, meaning they are cooked and rendered lifeless. As flour is refined, it loses a lot of what is good about it. Most of this is also due to the speed of the production - large scale productions are fast and high heat is used, killing all of the grain’s nutitrious elements.

Industrial mills use metal cylinders that may perform anywhere from six to thirty-six rotations to make flour. As this works at high speeds, it harshly manipulates the grains. The bran and germ are expelled as early as the first round of the cycle.

Natural stone grinding mills instead work much more slowly. The grain is ground in a single cycle, so it doesn’t overheat. The germ and bran are not removed. The germ remains alive inside the flour, providing its rich and precious oil.

So this is why modern wheat is crap, and we all have some degree of intolerance to it. It’s simply not a good digestible product.

That doesn’t say anything about modern wheat being crap, though. It’s all about downsides of modern flour production (and particularly white flour).

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I am super interested in seeing your keto meals, but have zero desire to see yet another keto vs. carbs argument in between. This could be a great thread if it focused on the meals and left the arguments to some other thread.


Really No need for what is effectively trolling and ruining the thread, there are plenty of other threads for that.


Same, because the OP’s ribeye looks to be on point!


for the best steaks I recommend sous-vide (this looks like 48-49 degrees) with a short sear on a very high heat cast-iron skillet


I am not a full on Keto commit but I love Keto style meals to compliment my other recipes/daily eating.

I too would love to see more Keto meals/recipes and photos.


If I did keto again, I’d start buying books like these (quickly Googled examples).

I doubt they’re great or authentic, but it’s no different than me adding say, furikake, sesame seed oil, soy sauce, and chilli oil to my white rice and soft boiled eggs. Or Tapatio to my mashed potatoes and eggs. Not authentic but better than bland or monotonous and it’s easy. Obviously not keto anymore.

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Today’s meal. Grass fed burgers, generous crunchy bacon on top, cheese in the middle, sauce on top (killer burger sauce= mayo, pinch of ketchup, pinch of yellow mustard, pinch of worchestershire sauce)

Veggies: Broccoli, brussel sprouts, celery, pinch of onion. I would have added more but that’s what the fridge has today.
Net carbs total on my plate=

Ideally I would have also put some red bell pepper, couple cauliflowers.


Do you use any type of keto wraps - like low carb tortillas? I’m not keto but I like to have those around for low carb high protein snacks and meals.

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** flinches **

Say it with me: WSS-duh-shuh


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There are options, but I just used what I had. I also don’t like to use the oven much lately (to make my own fluffy bases with almond flour, sweet or not), since electricity is so expensive… and also time consuming.

There are also options for 0cal rice and noodles. I tried a brand of rice 0cal, it was terrible. The noodles were quite alright, made them with prawns and wok mix of sorts. I have the pic somewhere I’ll post it another day.

To answer @DXR:

  • Yes it’s more difficult if you don’t have grass-fed beef options for a viable price (here in Isle of Man it’s very viable! I buy 4kg blocks of tomahawks with short bone for only 66 pounds, typically 2 blocks per month. It’s a rib-eye with a small bone basically)
  • Even more difficult if you have to cook separately for other members of family.
  • To have a healthy keto, you’ll be wanting fat cuts of meat… but fat is also where toxins/hormones/etc are stored, so you want them to be from a good source. I have 0km grass fed options for a viable price, so I’m very lucky. I do miss it A LOT if I travel out of the island.
  • Almost all other ‘keto people’ I’ve seen eat a lot of things I would never include on a regular basis, such as processed meats/hams/etc, because they are loaded with nitrates (e250/251 and maybe 252, those = nitrates at least 2 of those 3). I looked for options of things I like that complement all the vit. and mineral groups, then gradually if I see I’m still missing something at next blood tests, I increase my own values (override default recommendations). So, just to say I know it’s not ‘‘simple’’, especially if you’re not inclined to researching all those details, and don’t have much passion for cooking (or, have to cook for other non-ketos).
  • I’d also like to add: research is very limited in these regards. You probably need a long time to get adjusted, and the first time you try it it’s not really the same. After years, I also get back and forth into keto much faster (including digesting). Most ‘‘research’’ will cover a shorter period of time.
  • pro of any sport = not really healthy. In addition, pro cyclists are quite known for not being healthy at all (blood transfusions, etc. Even without official ‘‘doping’’, they certainly don’t do nice things to their body. Their fridge tends to look like a pharmacy).

Here’s a keto fresh dessert option, I’ll edit with nutritional details later, I’m a bit in a rush now. If your daily count allows a few extra net carbs, it’s a delicious and fresh option, very quick to make and makes quite an effect. You’d probably be looking at a 4-7g net carb total, depending on how you prepare it and what cheese you use.

It can be made with different cheese options (ricotta, mascarpone, qwark, of the kind)

  • frozen blackberries (it’s important they’re well frozen), make just before serving with a mixer, so it becomes sort of sorbet-consistency.
    +sweetener of choice
    +some fresh lime juice
    The cream on top, if you use double cream just add +35-45% full fat milk to the cream, to make it softer/fluffier (double cream is too hard), or just use single cream.
    Garnish on top (pref raspberries, they’re very low net carb), can sprinkle coconut/crushed high-fat nuts.

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Took some time off, long story. Posting a couple keto meals I’ve had in the past month. Will post more when I get back to my pc at home.

Keto pizza (base with cauliflower, parmesan, egg)

Keto starters


Omelette with scamorza cheese and avocado, hunter’s chicken, tenderste broccoli tops and asparagus topped with parmesan thin bits.

Cooked also with garlic, ginger, spring onion, leeks, cayenne pepper :hot_pepper:, pepper, oregano, fresh basil, fresh rosemary.


Gatherer wild garlic, amongst other things made wild garlic butter


So my keto meal includes a hearty serving of grilled chicken breast seasoned with herbs, accompanied by a colorful salad of mixed greens, avocado, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes drizzled with olive oil. I found this mix of dishes here. So definitely recommend to check it!