Post Your Air Fryer Recipes (Now it's official)

Joined team air fryer. Lets get some good dishes posted.
My unofficial unenforced rule is that you include a pic of what you made and ingredient list

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Air Fried Chicken…

  1. Buy the air fryer.
  2. put chicken on it for 15 minutes or so.
  3. Hear all the complains about how it doesnt taste the same.
  4. Take the frying pan out and fill with oil
  5. Pan fry the chicken
  6. Enjoy
  7. Give away your $100 used once air fryer…



Take bag of frozen chips.
Place in air-fryer.
Once cooked, remove and eat.
Repeat as necessary.

Oven ready chips are a lot crispier in an airfryer, and hence, much nicer.

Not sure that’s much of a recipe though.


I am looking to buy an air fryer, is there any recommendations, brand, model, etc. I’m am looking forward to seeing the recipes and photos!

I got this bad boy for $110 on eBay. I needed a new toaster oven anyway so this was the best choice. I didnt want a bucket style since it’s too specialized

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Very happy with model.

Ninja Foodi - does all the airfrying and much more

Poor thing is a workhorse in my household


Sweet tater fries in 15 min


Genuine question: What’s the difference between an air frier and a convection oven? Or even a toaster oven?

Absolutely nothing. More marketing than anything. It’s just the fan that differs from a toaster oven


I think it was the most recent podcast that @Nate_Pearson covered it. He also announced a partnership to sell branded fryers with annual training plans.
Speaking of…where’s the official recipe thread where Nate can dump his favs too? Is this it now? :joy:


How do I get the fish smell out of it? I made salmon last night (which was delicious, and the vent still smells very fishy.

An air fryer is a cross between a convection oven and a toaster oven.

Oh, the recipe for salmon was, rub with olive oil, sprinkle with garlic powder, salt, pepper, smoked paprika, 11 minutes at 390.

This is with a Cosori Air Fryer; This was a test run for jerk chicken wings and also buffalo chicken wings. I marinated for 24 hours some wings with jerk seasoning in the same length of marinade in Frank’s hot sauce. Then I just followed the directions and used the preset chicken wing button on this air fryer. I made about 24 wings the day I made these too bad I didn’t take a picture of them LOL
It’s all in the marination length, they were delicious :drooling_face:

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I usually just put my chicken breasts then leave it on the air fryer. After a few minutes, enjoy!

Smaller space, doesn’t take as long to heat up as a convection oven. So, it’s much faster. A toaster oven, has no fan. A convection toaster oven, the fans are slower than an air fryer. The same for a convection oven.

Think of a hair dryer on low vs high speed.


What training plan should I follow on FryerRoad?

I like the idea of a Mid-Volume plan for fries but my Frying Test Plate was a bit small so I think I could handle more? I think I have enough teeth. Not sure I consumed enough sodium though.

Should I save up for a carbon plate? (I already have a carbon fork :slight_smile: )


Still figuring out time and temps but here’s lunch

Homemade hummus and 30min pickled red onion


Cauliflower Wings

Franks Hot Sauce
Almond Flour
Garlic Powder

Air fryer for 15 mins at 360

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Got pics? :eyes: