Post-survey not completing workout due to technical issues

I wasn’t capable to complete a workout due to some technical trainer issues. I decided to save it simply because I want support to view the issue. Since I didn’t complete the workout, the survey asks why not and there isn’t a “technical/equipment issues”. So I just put the reason under “other”. But now I’m thinking that it will still count towards AI FTP. Therefore, was wondering if there can be a technical issues response in the post survey questionnaire and not include that in AI FTP calculation.

There should be an “I didn’t fail” option which should be applicable for all technical issues.


I’ll look at that for next time. I did notice you can edit the workout and uncheck include ride in progression levels and AI FTP. So at least I sorted that out.

@Torneng nailed it here – there should be an option that says “I didn’t fail” that covers technical troubles you may run into.

Don’t worry too much about any impact on future AI FTP Detections – AI FTP Detection will look at all of your training data and larger training history, so a one-off incident won’t throw things off for you. :slight_smile:

The trouble with ‘I didn’t fail’, though, is that in this situation you don’t know whether you would have failed or not - you didn’t fail, but you didn’t pass either, so (a) it’s not obvious that you should use this option, and (b) it’s not clear what effect this will have on PLs - will you get ‘credit’ for a workout you might not have completed, and consequently harder workouts than ideal in the future.

Also, you may potentially have failed, because of the technical issues (e.g. the trainer was setting too high a resistance, not going in to the recovery intervals when it should have done, etc.).

Adding a ‘Technical/equipment issues’ option would address all of this.