Post workout survey?

Apologies if this has been addressed already; I’m new to TR (been on a plan for 5 weeks - LOVE it). I keep hearing/reading about people ranking how hard their workout was. I don’t get any sort of survey or see anyplace to do this. I figured out how to enable AI FTP detection, and was happy to forgo this week’s ramp test in lieu of the detected (small) bump; however, I wonder if results would be different had I been able to add colour/comments to my workout history. Any advice? TIA

You need to make sure you have activated Adaptive Training.

And here is a related help guide:

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Usually right after the workout ends you are asked to rate your workout effort as easy, moderate, hard, very hard. There might be one more option.
If you don’t complete the workout as prescribed it will also ask for a reason in addition to your perception of the workout.

Thank you for your quick reply (and a bit starstruck bc I’m a religious podcast listener)

So - i feel like I’m already a part of adaptive training bc I see my progression levels, and I’ve exercised AI FTP detection (?) Yet I don’t have the option to do post workout surveys…

I’m clearly missing something - those helpful links told me all about AT but I don’t see where to turn it on (and I’m thinking perhaps I already have)….

So sorry to be a pain - but is there a clear step that I’ve missed?


Go to your Account page and you should see these options:


Click on Adaptive Training and then make sure that it’s enabled


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Reusing the meme I made due to these mistaken identity comments:


I am NOT Chad Timmerman (TrainerRoad’s Head Coach). I’m just an active forum member, moderator and fan of TrainerRoad. aka “The Other Chad” :wink:

  • At this point, it’s probably best if you contact directly, so they can review all the stuff behind the scenes and help you better than we can here on the forum.
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:woman_facepalming:Of course! Thank you for your help!

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Aha - exactly what I was looking for. And I don’t have Adaptive Training listed - my list under Account ends after Early Access. I’ll contact support.

Thanks all for your help!