Missed the Ramp FTP; retry or move on?

G’day all.
I’m trying to remain consistent and stick to my plan, but some days it just unravels to the point of affecting my training. It’s not life and death, but hear me out.
I am opening a new business(my own bike shop), and it’s been some days of heavy physical stress or long hot hours. Yesterday I was marked to do my FTP test, but I missed eating points, didn’t drink enough, all the usual issues and got home wrecked and too late. I’d intended to get up this morning at 5 to attempt ‘before I was way too late’, but a horror night and sleeping through hasn’t helped.
Training plan would now be well out of sync if I do something today, and I’m wondering if there would’ve been any meaningful data achieved in playing catch up anyway.
I’m mad I missed the test, but initial thoughts is I should just get on with it…

If you have a history of recent rides, why not let AI ftp do its thing, and you relax and keep on training? Gone are the days of this exact scenario - stressing about properly nailing an FTP test.


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Here is a link to the related support doc, for reference:

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I wouldn’t worry about it. From what you’ve posted it sounds like you have a lot of physical and mental stress, so chances are you wouldn’t have performed as well as what you could have.