Can workouts affected by technical issues impact adaptive training?

Hello! I was doing English+1 as the last session in a specialty block tonight, and the second half was affected by resistance issues. I was initially in ERG but recoveries suddenly became too hard, efforts too easy. Switching between ERG and resistance modes had nil affect, just had to battle through, figure this is just a one-off trainer or laptop glitch. However, I’m wondering if, what on paper is a failed workout, might affect adaptive training and AI FTP detection?

If you fail a ride, the post ride survey gives an option for equipment issues

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I didn’t get a post-ride survey, so I guess this means I didn’t fail it as such?



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Hey there! Sorry to hear about the ERG troubles you ran into.

The graph of the workout you posted still looks pretty good considering the technical issues you had! If you didn’t get a Struggle/Cut Short Survey, then Adaptive Training still counted this one as a Pass.

If you continue to have trouble with your trainer, here are a few things that could help:

  • Unplug the trainer for 5-10 mins (or ideally whenever it’s not being used) to fully clear out any bad data “stuck” in the device.
  • Check your smart trainer’s app for any firmware updates that may be available. It looks like you’re using a KICKR Core, so you can find those steps here.
  • Calibrate your trainer before using it (this can be done in the Wahoo app or in the TR app).

Hopefully this helps! Feel free to let me or TR Support know if you have any other questions.