Post surgery Q for Jonathan and Nate

Hi Guys
Five Star for the podcast and forum, you guys being active on the forum is great.

I am now 16 weeks post achillies surgery, I snapped my right achillies, required immediate surgery to re attach. I have been doing the mid-high volume base program, now into the build phase. I am a stay at home Dad of twin girls (3yrs old). I use the trainer during the week and I get out onto the road on the weekend. This is my 2nd surgery in 3 years, following back surgery cage put in on my L5. Some stats for you, at my best I am 85kgs, previous FTP 342, I am a time trialist, won Australian M2 title. 14th at Worlds (Masters), State Titles in M1 and M2. 14th at Masters Nationals last year.

I skipped base post my 1st surgery and feel this time with base I will have a better depth to my fitness. My questions is, will I get back to my best form, or even better, I am aiming for Masters Nats again in October this year, the TT and Crit with two days between the TT and Crit gives me enough time to recover. I am a competitor and find it difficult to imagine not being able to compete at this level again.

PS I have tried downloading all my previous files into training road to give me (and you) some idea of my form and fitness

Thanks guys love your podcast (especially on the trainer - informative and funny)