First Race Post Op

5 Months ago I snapped my achillies, had immediate surgery and been recovering and rehab ever since. I started with 4 weeks doing core and leg exercises. 8 weeks after surgery I started on the trainer, and TR……
I am now 15 weeks post surgery and pinned on a number. I haven’t raced since Melb to Warny in Feb.

I didn’t expect to be at the pointy end, my goal was to get race kms into the legs. Being a GMS, it was more like a graded h’cap. Oh well. Rolled turns with the group, which I could see fracturing, riders not pulling, (that’s ok its not a h’cap) - a couple of the younger riders were going hard on the bergs only then to sit up. I was sitting around 10th wheel, pushed one of the girls through, gave encouragement when I could. Sitting so far back isn’t ideal, and I should have been near the front to drift back on the longer bergs. I was dropped on a steep pinch on the climb.

Decided to use the remainder of the race to build my Z2/Z3 steady state. Im aiming for Masters Crit and TT in October so RR isn’t really my goal. I have a goal weight to hit by end of September (85kgs- ) Which was the weight I was when I was at my best and winning Masters A. Sometimes you have to adjust your goals and mind set to achieve what you want.

Here is my power file to have a look at.

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