Post-ride routine

  • Rego Chocolate Recovery drink, usually while still on the bike winding down.
  • Stand around in the kitchen in my bibs, sweating and playing with Strava on my phone.
  • Tell my wife and kids about my awesome power numbers.
  • Ignore that they are telling me that they really don’t care and that I smell.
  • Shower
  • Eat lots
  • Drink another pint of water.
  • Look at TrainerRoad stats.
  • Sit on my arse in front of the TV and try and find a watchable movie (For as long as i can get away with it before having to do chores for the wife or take the kids to their sports or other dad stuff)

45 mins of crying.


I enjoy a good stretch immediately following a workout.
Hip flexors

The vast majority of my workouts are early morning, depleted rides so I follow it up with Tailwind Rebuild and breakfast. (oatmeal or omelette)

  1. get out of my shorts

  2. throw sweaty kit in the washer

  3. drink a big cup (about 24 oz) of electrolyte solution (Hammer Fizz)

  4. wash off my rear with antiseptic solution (saddle boil preventative – not going there again)

  5. wash off the rest of my nasty self

  6. eat real food. Summer and weekend: two pastries that I made that morning (big ~400 calorie biscuits made from white flour, whole wheat flour, mashed banana, peanut butter, whole milk, chocolate chips, cinnamon, cardamom, and nutmeg). Weeknights during the school year: oatmeal with veggies (snow peas, carrots, broccoli) and a couple of scrambled eggs, with ginger, pepper, and soy (weird as crap, but if you cook the oats in the microwave for more of a barely texture, it actually works).

  7. nap (weekend); netflix (weeknight).

Most rides are fasted early am. But routine rarely changes – get off bike, try and stretch if next does not happen first: Start dad duties again. Hustle to shower. Resume dad duties while eating something (nutritious – what specifically depends on the day).

What is this thing called TV?

I do my midweek stuff late afternoon…I usually hang upside down in my inversion table for 5 minutes then stretch…helps my legs drain and my lower back. Then I shower and eat dinner.

I struggle with motivation to perform the workouts in the morning before work so I usually knock them out around 5ish.

After the workout:

Sweaty bibs into the washer
Protein shake (1/2 Banana, handful of frozen BB, almond milk, one scoop vegan protein, and one scoop whey, 3grm L-Arginine)
Help the Wife with the baby
Start Dinner
Shower with baby
Finish and Eat Dinner
In bed by 9 and sleep by 10


I’ve started to use SIS Rego Rapid Recovery shakes post workout, as since taking up cycling training approx 18 months ago, I’ve lost approx 14lbs of muscle mass. Most likely through insufficient post workout nutrition. The thought being that they will aid the replacement of the carbs used during the workout and get a jump start on repairing my muscles. They are surprisingly filling and tide me over until i can cook a proper evening meal.

1st thing… stretch, for about 10 to 15 minutes
Eat breakfast
Water/liquids depends on the ride, indoor vs outdoor. Most of my TR rides, I consume a bottle during the ride.

Drink another 8-10 pints of water throughout the day (that’s my race day ritual I try to do every day as @Pete had mentioned in one of the podcasts)

Sounds pretty much like me👌