After what kind of TSS is recovery day advised

I’m still very new to structured training and doing my best to learn, but I still have some obvious/silly questions

I’m in SBLV II right now with stress weeks around 170/180 TSS + my evening rides in between (usually 1h rides at tempo/treshhold but nothing really hard. estimates the stress around 70, for what it’s worth)

I have my 90 mn workout planned, which is new to me, with a 110 TSS
Should I plan an off day the day after, or can I plan an outside ride nonetheless (I know I should wait to see how I’ll feel, but the ride involves multiple participants, and I want to feel a minimum fresh, so I have to plan ahead !) ?

In other words, is a 110 TSS workout a lot (I feel fit enough, no muscle soreness or anything) compared to what I’m used to or is it just part of the process and the important part is to have 1 day’s rest during the week ?

Thanks !

Oh and btw, the workout that’s planned is a treshold workout, not VO2Max, maybe that makes a difference

I would distinguish between rest (off) and recovery days (easy). Anyway, back to your question - I would say it depends. If you feel fresh and fit, keep on working. If not, perhaps take an easy or off day. When in doubt, do as the plans prescribe. :grin:

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It all depends. For me it is first year of training and at the beginning the recovery days between hard workouts (LV) were fine and I was fresh. But recently I have discovered that putting something very easy like Boarstone -1 or even something small and low like Lazy Mountain causes that I feel way better on the next workout. With completely free days my legs start to feel heavy but with some easy spinning I feel way better. After some time even stacking hard days together becomes very manageable and provides great returns.

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What’s the nature of your outside ride that you’re trying to plan (or not plan) for the next day?

According to Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan- Training with power meter Book TSS upto 150, you will feel some fatigue in the legs but should be clear by next day. 150-300 -2days and so on.
If you do have some soreness, it might mean you need to do an active recovery ride, before you do the higher intensity sweetspot ride. Or it might mean just extending the warmup duration.
Take heart, you have done a workout the day before that caused some stress and you are fitter for that.

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IME, The first thing that goes as fatigue mounts is the ability to do VO2 efforts, after that repeatability goes away until the only thing your able to muster is Z2. Sore legs off the bike tend to not be a great barometer IME aswell.

Also, Not all TSS is created equal. 110 TSS of VO2 work will take longer to recover from than an equal amount of TSS accumulated in Z2.

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I guess I’m obsessed with getting my training right, and since they keep telling on the blog or podcast that recovery is key to efficient training, it got me to overthink. I guess they mean never to skip recovery weeks between blocks.

I’m pretty sure that at my level, I won’t be overtraining anytime soon.

I did the training this morning (5x10mn at 97% FTP) and I feel fine, so I’m not worried about a friendly Z3 ride tomorrow after all !