Post race analysis video setup and post workflow

@Nate_Pearson sorry about the slashed tire. I can relate. I just replaced a 5000tl today. Anywhoooooo, can you or one of your very wonderful minions post up what everyone is using for cameras on bike and then post event workflow?

I’m trying to determine some gear needs (right now going with a Hero8 black and a refurbed session 5 for a rear camera) but I was curious as to what you, @Jonathan and @Pete are using for post production work flow.

I’m sure the overlays are done in the VIRB app, but wanted to know what everyone in the TR world is using for backup RAIDs, laptop/tablets, post editing software and V/O stuff.

Also please anyone in the community chime in with what you use in making your own post race analysis videos!

I’m curious about this too! I want to add two more questions:

  • Are you guys not concerned about the aerodynamics of lugging around one or two gopros in a crit? (Or the weight in an race with a lot of climbing).
  • I sometimes use a Hero 7 to record some of my rides and the battery live is really lackluster, maybe I get 45 minutes on a good day, 30 if its cold. Any hints to improve battery live on a gopro?


As in all things, YMMV…

But here is what I found around the interwebs. @dcrainmaker also did some testing w/ GoPro stuff in the wind tunnel. Arriving at similar numbers.

So first, @gopro bring back the session. Please. Second, the Hero8 does not require a frame anymore and has relatively smooth edges when compared to previous iterations, esp the ones requiring a frame to mount. Having said that, the form factor of the 8 is very similar to prior versions so i cannot imagine the drag numbers have really changed all that significantly.

Everything is a trade off. Workable footage to do post race analysis or 1.5-2W extra during the race?

WRT battery life, shooting 1080p60 will increase battery life to the length of most US pro 1/2 crits. Road races you’ll have to pick and choose when you are shooting I think.

Screenshot from above vid, getting right to the numbers:

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I run the Session5 and it’s so compact and light it goes completely unnoticed. I hope they bring it back but I am happy running refurbs as long as I can find them.

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More urgently does anyone know of any APPS in the iPad universe that do overlays? I use Luma Fusion for editing (which is awesome) but cant find a single app that seems to actually work on IPad. The VIRB app seems to be just for camera connections etc.

@Tucker can you post an overview please?

NorCal Cycling made a good video of this.

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We’re the same except we use Garmin virb edit. I guess @Tucker doesn’t need to show anything :-).

@GPLama has a good video of How to get your videos working with Garmin virb.

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Thanks Nate, yeah i just found NorCal’s vid this morning. Unfortunately I’m trying to do everything via an iPad Pro…VIRB edit is OS only.

Good info.

Here’s the link to the lama video, to spare others some googleing:

I found the virb app quite buggy though :-/


Y’all make me sad considering British cycling specifically ban all recording. (Get caught with a gopro and you’ll be DQed) Would love to be able to analyse my crits.

Still going to try and combine drone footage and virb at some point

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Played around with the VIRB app last night and some footage. Yeah, its not great. I mean it does the job I suppose. But I already saw some bugs pop up. Anyway, seems to me that this could be a bad thing for the entire cycling/tri world that the VIRB app is the only real source of overlays on MacOS avail in the world and if they were to stop supporting it, poof that capability vanishes.

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Old thread, but I’m in the market for a GoPro now specifically to prevent things like what happened to me this weekend where I and the entire field was relegated for overtaking a car on the race course. Problem is, I wasn’t in the field and never interacted with the car. So instead of officially finishing second, I unofficially finished second, officially 21st and now I’m seeking video evidence to show that I was in a five man break off the front of the field to get the official to overturn his BS decision since they had lost track of what was happening in the race.

Seems like having a camera is the only way you can ensure you don’t get screwed over on a bike, whether it’s in court or when USAC officials make horrendous decisions and don’t even give you a chance to protest.

GoPro needs to make a camera that can run for 3 hours. 90 minutes is too short.


I use the following. The longest I’ve recored with the GoPro 7 is 4:30 hours. I’m going to attempt a 8-ish hour recording this next weekend for a MTB 100. Other’s with the GoPro 9 use a lightweight power pack strapped to the mount, bike or their kit.

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