GoPro with external power pack

I’m looking to record for longer using my GoPro and want to attach a power pack to the chest harness- something light that will allow me to record for maybe 3 hours max?

Anyone do this? If so, what you got?! I know you can power the GoPro (not charge) using the powerpack.


Yep. Works well.

Great- is there any minimum size/power you’d recommend? It’s a GoPro Hero 7 Black.

I’ve used a GoPro Hero 8 with a custom 3D printed door that allows charge while holding the battery in place. I’ve used a POWERADD EnergyCell 5000. This captured a whole 60km ride at 4k a few months back with loads of power left in it (and the GoPro battery).

Perfect- so does the battery take over once the Powercell dies? My plan is to ziptie the pack to the chest strap and connect the wire through the open door/case.

Make sure you have a large microSD card to go with the long recording! I imagine with the Hero7 out in the wind riding, overheating might not be a factor. Sounds like you’re doing a Fulgas video?? :wink:

Haha nah just wanna record my rides for general content really- but don’t wanna have to worry about battery life.

Plus when BC eventually allow cameras in races (2034 maybe) I’ll be ready :joy:

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Current setup with battery pack giving 6+ hours of record time. GoPro 7 with USWE GoPro chest mount.

As see here:

That chest mount aint messing around!

that poweradd 5000ah one i have fitted using a cheap pump mount under the handlebars

i have session 5 under my handlebars no ones ever questioned it but at thw same time ive never tried to use the footage for anything public